Backlash stirs in US against foreign worker visas

...also assert that some visa holders will stay...top users of H-1B visas aren't even tech...the H-1B and other visa programs can be traced...executive business visas instead of using H-1B...said that "hiring visa workers is part of...valid temporary work visas, some not in the...

INS announces it has exhausted its allotment of high-tech visas

...the ceiling on the visa program. The Immigration...out 115,000 H-1B visas for the fiscal year...handed out 74,300 visas and has more than...will stop accepting visa petitions on Tuesday...capped at 65,000 visas annually. Heeding...temporarily boosted the visa category, which is...

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Security changes affect students with visas

...With tighter restrictions on foreign visas imposed after the Sept. 11 terrorist...coordinators. Ms. Manlopat said that her visa will have to be renewed in August and...in the United States with visitors' visas and began flight classes before their...

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Senate debates bill to create more visas

...announced May 11 that the 65,000 visas for 1998 had been depleted...Abraham's bill would add 30,000 visas for the remainder of this year...temporary increase of 115,000 visas is too large and that the five-year...examination of the so-called H-1B visa program shows only a small percentage...

Russia presses EU for help with visas, technology

...will press the European Union to scrap visas for its citizens and seek the EU's help...to show political will and scrap entry visas for Russians."We would like to see our...political decisions."Russia has been seeking visa-free travel to Europe for years, but...

Will Apple's digital wallet kill the card swipe?

...Apple's new Watch, is backed by a host of big retailers, along with most major banks and credit card issuers, including Visa, MasterCard and American Express.So-called contactless payment isn't new. Starbucks, McDonald's, PayPal, Google...

Ga. might cut help for farmers to get US visas for migrant workers

...navigate the process of getting visas for foreign laborers.Republican...farmers as they attempted to seek visas for foreign workers through...their own employees who manage visa issues or they hire contractors...assistance to navigate the federal visa program."It's an enormous...

Don't boost H-1b visas

...displease their boss or the temporary agency, they can be deported and then forced to repay the agency a big fee. This ancillary problem, too, can be curbed if Congress simply holds the line against the issuance of any more H-1b visas.

Visa, MasterCard renew push for chip cards

NEW YORK - Visa and MasterCard are renewing a push to speed...card-related losses, but companies such as Visa and MasterCard stand to lose too, if data...that's destroyed," says Ellen Ritchey, Visa's chief enterprise risk officer.In March...

Georgia business-labor coalition calls for immigration reform, cites survey

...virtually no temporary or permanent work visas, except for seasonal jobs," she said.The coalition supports granting more visas to high-skilled and low-skilled immigrants...plan that secures our borders, expands visas for high-skill workers and farm workers...