Longtime educator Carol Rountree retires

...level of pressure for students and teachers as schools were given pass/fail labels based on single tests, but Virginia Bradshaw, former assistant superintendent for instruction, said Rountree brought a sense of calm to the situation."She...

Hornsby seeing turnaround under new leadership

...enhance her students' exposure to the world outside Augusta by planning more field trips and science lab activities. VIRGINIA BRADSHAW, Richmond County's executive director of middle schools, said the progress made in Beasley's first year as...

Bowles ambivalent about running for state Senate seat

...who's picked up skiing at the age of 40.F. She's a sewage dog trainer with Southern K9 Solutions.Answers:A: Virginia Bradshaw, Ph.D. In 2005, she was recognized by the Georgia Asso ciation of School Psy chologists' Legislative...

Murphey Middle School won't renew charter

...don't have a way to see whether or not we meet certain goals. We are pretty much 'charter' in name only."Virginia Bradshaw, the district's executive director for middle schools, said the move will allow Murphey to focus on reform rather...

Richmond County looks widely for new ways to teach

...Georgia Part nership for Excellence in Education, might be a model for Richmond County middle schools to imitate.Virginia Bradshaw, Rich mond County's executive director for middle schools, said district staffers look for good practices wherever...

Does middle school hurt students?

...have to pretend."It's an issue the Richmond County school system has looked at for more than 30 years, said Virginia Bradshaw, the district's executive director of middle schools.She explained that under Superintendent Da na Bedden...

Sex ed cries for clarification

It has never been the policy of the Richmond County Board of Education to hastily enter into any partnership without giving full consideration to student welfare and safety.

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Program offers scholarships to area students

...accomplished and the great gift they are giving the community, they are really an extraordinary model," said Dr. Virginia Bradshaw, Richmond County's assistant superintendent for instructional services. North Augusta High School Principal Kyle...

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Roberson: 80 percent of schools will make progress

...services in the future."Roberson credited Dr. Shelly Allen, the district's mathematics coordinator, and Dr. Virginia Bradshaw, the executive director for middle schools, with working closely with teachers and program providers on this issue...

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Wants proper text policy followed

...votes is sent to School Board members for a vote. This procedure was violated in the last Board meeting, when Dr. Virginia Bradshaw did not present the teachers' choice. Instead, she presented a different choice made by the administrators without...