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Apple refreshes iPod Touch with faster processor, better cameras monthly service fees for voice, text and data. Calling is possible over Wi-Fi through FaceTime audio and video conferencing.Without a contract, an iPhone 6 starts at $649, compared with a few hundred dollars for some Android smartphones...
Apple iSight camera focuses on video conferences

Personal video conferencing has always been better in concept than reality. Sure, people...America Online's messaging service, AOL doesn't support video conferencing. Also, Apple ought to either expand what can be done within...
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Boy attends class from hospital

...Via TV - television-based video conferencing - the Augusta Preparatory Day...great," Ms. Lee said. Using video conferencing for education started three...classmates is important to him. "Video conferencing has really been a saving grace...
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Techbits: Sony phones, Game controls and more

...Skype, but with an emphasis on video conferencing. Called IVE for "Instant...Glowpoint expands on an Internet video-conferencing service for business that the...Murphy, vice president of video conferencing at Sony Electronics. - By...
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Video technology is demonstrated at USC Aiken

...County School District, on Monday in USC Aiken's Video Conferencing Center. Mr. Guerrieri, on top left monitor...district office helping USCA demonstrate its new video conferencing technology during opening day of the center.
Retiring MCG chief plans Internet work

...even screening through the Internet and interactive video conferencing hookups. The new service will continue the tradition...walk, and we're going to conduct business using video conferencing," Mr. McClaugherty said. Reach Tom Corwin at...
Charles B. Webster opens new viewing room for public, media

...hearing system, the Sheriff's Office ? with cooperation of judges from Civil and Magistrate court ? have begun video conferencing of initial appearances and hearings, according to a statement from Sheriff Richard Roundtree.The room is for the...
AT&T explores expansion of super-fast Internet to as many as 25 metro areas outside Northeast

...where it is today."AT&T is also targeting small and medium-size businesses with the new offering. Lee cited video conferencing as one application made practical by higher speeds.AT&T didn't announce prices. In Austin, the service costs...
Skipping the agitation cycle

...of eight other bills to make government more efficient, such as multi-year budgeting; agency consolidation; video conferencing, to replace half the government's travel budget and more.There are things we as individuals can do as well...
Compubug: Video conferencing and your PC

Videoconferencing for the masses has been a technology in search of a marketplace for some time. Anytime one of the telephone companies had time on its hands, it would announce a "videophone," and the public would pretty much reply, "Yeah, so?" Then everyone would get back to their regular business. Connections were expensive. So was the equipment. Also, there's the human fact that many of us who answer the phone aren't exactly ready for prime-time viewing.
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