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Motto's meaning finally becomes clear

...elsewhere. I've often wondered what people mean when they display this motto. Now, looking around at the disasters our nation's leaders have freely brought upon us, I think it may mean "God Help Us!" Victor Reilly, Aiken, S.C.
Single-pay health makes sense

...that for any private insurer. Getting agreement on a single payer will be difficult. One way to get there eventually is to include a Medicare-like option to compete with existing insurers. This is a must. Victor Reilly Aiken, S.C.
Don't dismiss single-payer care option

...multimillion-dollar salaries. Ridding us of much of that would pay for extending coverage to everyone. Yes, a public plan may lead eventually to single-payer for us too, but that would be a good outcome. Victor Reilly Aiken, S.C.
They're busy shoveling

Regarding Victor Reilly's Dec. 31 letter "Jeb Bush in 2016? No":First, President Obama faced no financial crisis in 2009! His election caused...
Saddam moved WMDs

In Victor Reilly's Dec. 31 letter to the editor ("Jeb Bush in 2016? No"), he said that no weapons of mass destruction ever were found in...
Seek energy independence

You ran a letter titled "Ban dangerous fracking," by Victor Reilly (Feb. 4). He read an article in a magazine and this, fortunately for his agenda, supports another attack on fracking.Just...
Medicaid info misleading

...become visible again." I say phooey! Working people don't qualify for Medicaid.Another liberal letter writer, Victor Reilly, seems to have recently devoted his life to stopping the practice of fracking for oil ("Ban dangerous fracking...
Have we learned nothing?

The ugly consequence of that letter may be to kill any diplomatic solution to resolving Iran's nuclear interests.
Diligence creates 'luck'

Victor Reilly's letter ("Lucky should help needy," June 10) ? about "luck" influencing length of life, career, financial success...
The truth on Obamacare

In response to Mr. Victor Reilly's Nov. 22 letter "So just call it Romney care":Our resident, radical, super left-wing liberal maintains that Romney-care...