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Solve waste problem

This is a problem for joint action by us and Russia. We accomplish nothing without them.
Speaker must be fair

He should end the practice in choosing bills while ignoring the minority party.
Iran solution workable

We must not allow ourselves to be sucked into a war with Iran.
Rethink plutonium storage

The world has created this monster. It needs, badly, a better way of dealing with this plutonium storage problem.
States deny health care

When they find they can't get treatment or meds, look for many class action suits.
Swap aid with diplomacy

We would lose big in a war with a religious sect.
Scripture clears up faulty points in effect today. Jesus' "reversal" is reserved for His future kingdom. Concerning the second letter by Victor J. Reilly ("On evolution, science trumps faith," May 1): I believe that the original Word of God was inspired, thus...
Hits Congress, not IRS, for tax mess

...eliminate the buying of our representatives' votes on bills (with campaign finance reform and more), or to vote the incumbents out. Since the prospect for eliminating vote-buying is unlikely, I favor the latter. Victor J. Reilly, Aiken
Raise minimum wage

What we need is not someone giving us the stale right-wing warning, but someone who reads and knows history.
Vote for a higher wage

I suggest underpaid workers get themselves and as many of their friends as they can to the polls Nov. 4, and vote for candidates who would give them raises.