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MOX project of little value

MOX's design capacity is to disable one ton of plutonium per year, so if MOX were the way to work it off, it would take more than a hundred years.
So just call it 'Romneycare'

Gov. Mitt Romney had gotten Massachusetts to adopt a system based on commercial insurers that was running successfully. Washington decided to copy that.
Scripture clears up faulty points in effect today. Jesus' "reversal" is reserved for His future kingdom. Concerning the second letter by Victor J. Reilly ("On evolution, science trumps faith," May 1): I believe that the original Word of God was inspired, thus...
Hits Congress, not IRS, for tax mess

...eliminate the buying of our representatives' votes on bills (with campaign finance reform and more), or to vote the incumbents out. Since the prospect for eliminating vote-buying is unlikely, I favor the latter. Victor J. Reilly, Aiken
Solve gun-rights problem

The only step that would work is to end the perceived right for any civilian to own war-fighting weapons.
Republican tax offer silly

It is grossly unfair that those who work for a living are taxed at rates far higher than those sitting in their easy chairs.
CO2 emissions must drop

The scientific community is virtually unanimous in calling for a crash program to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide and methane, the principal greenhouse gases. Here are a few words for the remaining doubters: The Arctic is our "canary in the mine" in this matter.
Opinion columns

Due to an editing error, a sentence in the Dec. 12 letter to the editor by Victor J. Reilly on overhauling the tax code was incorrect. It should have read: "Since most payers would use a table to figure their tax, it...
U.S. must reduce its role in Iraq

...infrastructure should be halted as wasted and useless until sufficient security is achieved. At that time, we and other interested states can pay Iraqi workers to do this work, without the Halliburtons. Victor J. Reilly, Aiken, S.C.
On evolution, science trumps faith simply a matter of faith, must not be allowed to influence what we understand from scientific studies of our world. The major religions accept that. The proper education of our children demands it. Victor J. Reilly, Aiken, S.C.