Federal agency proposes new rules on payday loans

...loans or had borrowed again."They end up trapping people in longer-term debt," said Gary Kalman, executive vice president at the nonprofit Center for Responsible Lending.Several states have tried to curb payday lending. Washington and...

On The Money: Home appraisal comes in below your sales price, now what?

...2012 to one where you're more likely to see a sales price that's above the appraisal," said Daren Blomquist, a vice president at real estate data firm RealtyTrac.Here are some tips on what home sellers can do if their appraisal disappoints...

US drillers are fighting back against OPEC, low oil prices

...elsewhere."Everybody gets a little more imaginative, because they need to," says Hans-Christian Freitag, the vice president of technology for the drilling services company Baker Hughes.Spurred by rising global oil prices, U.S. drillers...

Automatic Data Processing | The Augusta Chronicle

...people in Augusta, with plans to add 200 employees each year through 2011, according to Steve Penrose, ADP's senior vice president of operations. Along with Teleperformance and T-Mobile, ADP was part of a 2,000-job surge in Augusta's...

Paine College | The Augusta Chronicle

...President of Paine College Samuel Sullivan announced Wednesday that Cheryl Evans-Jones will be university provost and vice president of academic affairs. Don't Miss Databases: Search public records data Things to Do: Events calendar

Countdown is on for speed-up rule in minors

...We think that it showed promise in the fall league, but that was 16 games," said Chris Marinak, MLB's senior vice president of league economics and strategy. "We want to be very thoughtful and careful about understanding the impact of various...

Comcast, long criticized on customer service, adding more online reps as it tries to improve

...multiyear road map" to fix its problems, and "still has a lot of work left to do," said Tom Karinshak, the senior vice president of customer service for Comcast Cable.Comcast's spending on customer service has increased in the past few years...

Augusta deputy administrator picks named

...general services and human resources in Richmond, Va., however, Brazzell left the public sector to spend a decade as vice president of human resources for Lifenet Health, which provides transplant solutions.Jackson said both men were ready to...

Augusta transit director interviews begin

...Lockett said he was impressed with Stephens, who retired in 2013 from the Central Ohio Transit Authority, where he was vice president of operations.Stephens "worked his way all the way up from the bottom to the top," Lockett said. But after retirement...

Proof grows that female executives bring bigger profits, but businesses still slow to act

...percent of the total workforce, they comprised 22 percent of middle managers, 14 percent of senior managers and vice presidents, 9 percent of executive committee members and 2 percent of CEOs.In France, Norway, Spain and most recently Germany...