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Planes flying fuller and passengers get squeezed

Planes have never been so full. There was barely a spare seat this summer, and the next few months should be the same. Overall, 86.4 percent of seats were filled by paying customers in July and August, according to an Associated Press analysis of preliminary data reported by 16 major U.S. airlines. That edges last summer's record of 86.3 percent.
New leader aims to keep cigar maker on hot streak

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Every day, 8.5 million cigars roll out of Swisher International Group's Springfield factory.
Some businesses merge telephone with Internet

Some say talk is cheap, but an emerging technology is likely to make it cheaper.
Browns CEO Carmen Policy stepping aside

...will stay on as a consultant through the 2004 NFL season. John Collins, currently the NFL's senior vice president of marketing and sales, will replace Policy as the Browns' top executive. "That means that I will have a business card, I...
Number of retired cell phones expected to grow sharply

NEW YORK -- If predictions hold true, millions of cell phones will be put out to pasture starting in late November under a new rule allowing people to keep their phone numbers when switching cellular carriers.
Falcons sell out 2003 season tickets

FLOWERY BRANCH, Ga. -- Confirming Monday that season tickets have sold out for just the second time in franchise history, the Atlanta Falcons crossed another milestone with owner Arthur Blank at the helm.
A Tasteful Evening

Bill Hatcher, the vice president of marketing and sales for Duplin Winery, pours a glass of wine and discusses it with Jennifer Parrott (left) and Michelle Orr at A Taste of Wine...
The Straight Story

Deedie Long of Evans has gone to great lengths to tame her curly locks. One of her attempts included a mixture of perm solution, a flour-based paste and flat squares of plastic.
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Eye scans could replace PINs at ATMs

NEW ORLEANS - Can't seem to remember that infernal PIN number for your bank card? Don't worry. Thanks to a technology right out of James Bond, you might not need it much longer. Just step up to the camera while your eye is scanned. And don't try to play tricks. The iris - the colored part of the eye the camera will be checking - is unique to every person, more so than fingerprints.
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Bubba not always a hit

COLUMBIA -- Bubba can't cut it overseas. At least not when he's used to promoting grits chips and okra salsa. Japanese consumers drink up Charleston-grown teas and relax in Irmo-made log homes, but Bubba's experience shows that predicting whether South Carolina exports will be a hit overseas sometimes is like rolling the dice. The Bubba brand was the brainchild of Charleston-based Colony South's Jack Hurley and Mike Zemke. The Southern-style sauces, marinades, spices and snack foods sell well nationally in catalogs, gift shops and specialty stores.
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