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New CD releases bring back classic songs

**** - Johnny Cash/Willie Nelson - VH-1 Storytellers (American Recordings) At the beginning of...follow suit. The first Storytellers release -- culled from VH-1's show that places artists in intimate settings telling...
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Playwright's 'Unavailable' tackles the issue of domestic violence the comedy and dramatic aspects.The play also features guest appearances from Benzino, Althea and Erica P. from the VH 1 reality show, Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. Also, Terrell Carter from Tyler Perry's Diary of a Mad Black Woman, and he will...
Fort Discovery scores Eagle

...Celine Dion endorse Calloway golf clubs, Hootie and the Blowfish have their own tournament as does video music channel VH-1, and Mr. Frey hosts an annual golf tournament in Colorado. Why are so many pop musicians taking up golf? "I'm not...
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Comedian Etta May will tell it like it is ? funny

...Tour.Her performances have been on XM radio. She has appeared on Comedy Stage, Comedy Club, Hanging With Mr. Cooper, VH-1's Stand-Up Spotlight, My Two Dads, Jeff Foxworthy and Davis Rules.Mike Deas, the organizer of Augusta Amusements...
Another overseas game might be added

...more TV cameras in tow when he arrives in Buffalo this weekend for the start of the Bills' series of voluntary minicamps. VH-1 confirmed that filming of T.O.'s television reality show will begin Sunday, a day before the minicamp opens.
Backstreet Boy brings music business to Louisville

...his success. "We're trying to prevent people from becoming a 'Behind The Music,"' McGuffey said, referring to the VH-1 series that documents the rise and fall - and sometimes rise again - of popular music acts. The workshop was to begin accepting...

...There's more to being financially astute in the rock-music world than just raking in piles of money from CD sales. VH-1 and Money magazine have released an index ranking the 25 most fiscally savvy acts in 2000, based on tour revenue, CD sales...
Webb, Sorenstam take serious road to success

...She has a shy smile and a sweet disposition, but is all business on the golf course. "If I was a comedian, I'd be on VH-1," Sorenstam said. "I come here to play golf." At some time or another, women will always be compared to their counterparts...
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'70s star now sings a different tune

...and using the name. A Three Dog Night reunion is not out of the question, Mr. Negron said. He recently had a call from VH-1 asking the three original lead singers to get together for an interview, and they are talking about doing that. He wants...
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Contrasts Jones Intercable offerings

...American culture. The abundance of (programming such as) HBO, Cinemax, American Movie Classics, The Movie Channel, MTV, VH-1, The Great American Country, TNN, Jones Home Theater and Showtime illustrate a parade of entertainment channels that...