Reject pro-choice's false moral codes

...foundations more than any lunatic terrorist on the far side of the world!Please vote for our children and our society with an informed and moral conscience this November. Lives depend on it! (The writer is an Augusta veterinarian.)

Animal rescuers trying to save obese dog

...years old, has heartworms, an underactive thyroid and painful hip dysplasia, but is otherwise relatively healthy, said veterinarian Madison Hayward.To get Pearl from her foster home and into the car to go to the vet, Zielinski had to position a wooden...

Give groups access to suffering animals

...Take rescuers' money. Let them pay the city for the dogs, and let them pay for their sterilization by the rescuers' veterinarians. This will increase county revenues and decrease county expenses!Georgia law allows this with the Sterilization Certificate...

Rescue groups say dogs fare poorly in Augusta shelter

...cares and between animals in shelters," Broady wrote. "Molly's Mili tia knew the Rottweiler was sick and under our veterinarians care and wanted the dog anyway."After the Evans vet said she could not perform the surgery on Georgie Girl, Hal linan...

Home for Good Dog Rescue co-founder makes accusations against director of Augusta Animal Services

...to allow his group to take it to a veterinarian for treatment.The Home for Good Dog...Augusta shelter lost its part-time veterinarian, who performed weekly spays and neuters...claimed the puppy had to be treated by a veterinarian of her choice," according to his...

Rants & Raves

...Columbia County Commission. I find it difficult to believe that a county as progressive as Columbia County does not have a veterinarian on staff at animal control. This is unthinkable. The county commission needs to address this problem right away. Vets...

Aiken veterinarian facing child charges

An Aiken veterinarian is facing charges of inappropriately touching children.Juan Carlos Gamboa, 52, who owns Gamboa Veterinary Services at 475 Gamboa...

Veterinarian travels to see patients

...she said. "I loved it. My parents said I wanted to be an animal doctor since I was 2 or 3."Today, Wheatley is a veterinarian and owner of Greenbrier Veterinary Ser vices, which provides mobile vet services, primarily to Richmond, Columbia and...

Secondhand smoke harmful for dogs, cats

...insurance.Despite Worthington's certainty about the cause of her dog's death, more research needs to be done before veterinarians can definitively say whether a dog's cancer was caused by secondhand smoke, said Dr. Liz Rozanski, whose research at...

Agility races encourage exercise, camaraderie with owners

...as they can. There are penalties if a dog walks on top of a tunnel, enters the wrong end first or knocks down a bar.Veterinarians say the exercise and camaraderie are beneficial for dogs, and the more popular the sport, the safer the equipment. The...