Stolen safe held $1 million

...said Tuesday that they suspected the owner of Veracruz Mexican Restaurant was being less than truthful soon after he reported...of Mr. Sanchez, his restaurant and another Veracruz Mexican restaurant location on Peach Orchard Road, Maj. Autry...

Year's biggest stories get retold, updated

...investigation into the theft of an office safe from the Veracruz Mexican Restaurant on Stevens Creek Road took an extraordinary...investigation into the theft of an office safe from the Veracruz Mexican Restaurant on Stevens Creek Road took an extraordinary...

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Forfeitures bring big bucks to sheriff's office

...seizures happened in 2005 when deputies and DEA agents seized $1 million from Emilio Sanchez, then-owner of Veracruz Mexican restaurant, at his business and home, said Clayton.Two years later the sheriff's office received its share of the...

Lunch Money: Veracruz Mexican Restaurant

...difference between my desk downtown and her classroom in the boondocks. One of our two regular southside stops is Veracruz Mexican Restaurant, 3216 Peach Orchard Road, at Bobby Jones Expressway. It is fast, good and cheap. Maybe that's why it's...

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5 arrested in theft from Mexican restaurant

...members of a local crime ring who they said are responsible for Sunday's break-in at a Mexican restaurant. Veracruz Mexican Restaurant employee Saul Ordaz filed an incident report with the Richmond County Sheriff's Office on Sunday after he...

Case brings sheriff more than $530,000

...sheriff's office share of nearly $1 million in cash that local and federal officers discovered stashed by Veracruz Mexican restaurant owner Emilio Sanchez at work and in his home. Mr. Booth praised the local officers for the "fine investigative...

Details come out in Veracruz burglary

...County sheriff's investigators charged two men and three women with felony burglary in the break-in of Veracruz Mexican Restaurant. Three days earlier, an office safe containing $1 million was stolen from the Stevens Creek Road restaurant...

Police charge Veracruz owner

...his wife caught the attention of law enforcement after they reported a Dec. 26, 2004, burglary of their Veracruz Mexican Restaurant on Stevens Creek Road. They told officers that thieves took a 600-pound safe that contained about $80...

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Police find money in restaurant owner's home

...with an informant who said he knew a "mule" who delivered drugs from Miami to Emilio Sanchez, the owner of Veracruz Mexican Restaurant on Stevens Creek Road. Mr. Sanchez reported the Dec. 26 theft to police and said the stolen safe contained...

Restaurateur pleads guilty to tax charges

...Mr. Sanchez came to law enforcement's attention in December 2004 when he reported the burglary of his Veracruz Mexican Restaurant on Stevens Creek Road. He told investigators that he had about $80,000 cash in the safe that the burglars...