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Shedding light on lupus

The excruciating leg pains that wake Vera Butler in the middle of the night will pass - for a time. But...Rooms A and B, lower level Tickets: $25 Contact: Vera Butler, 772-9001 Reach Alisa DeMao at (706) 823-3223...
Things to Do
Judge: Firing not in vengeance

For nine years, Vera Butler has been the Clerk of Civil and Magistrates Court. Seven weeks after she spoke publicly about pay inequities, she is unemployed...
Salary inequities irk Augusta officials

...Some folks call it tradition that the majority of women in city government rank near the bottom of the pay scale. Vera Butler calls it something else: a shame. Mrs. Butler has worked 21 years for the county. As clerk of Civil and Magistrate...
Biologic drugs need strict oversight

...on the horizon for those of us with lupus -- a hope that we have not realized in 40 years -- I would hate to have a generic "equivalent" compromise my safety and others' because of inferior testing requirements. Vera Butler, Augusta
Welfare numbers rising in most of country

...and state officials aren't sure why. "We should accept in this economy that the welfare rolls will rise," said Vera Butler, who directs Mississippi's welfare program and plans to look closer at why families are returning. There are now...
Clerk offered new position

Vera Butler, fired last month after nine years as clerk of Richmond County Civil and Magistrates Court, still has a job in Augusta government...