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FDA approves new bioengineered skin

WASHINGTON -- Sufferers of vein disease may soon try an implant of living, bioengineered skin to help heal serious open sores on their legs. The Food and Drug Administration...
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...Porter and Lisa Volpitto worked for the Vein Guys, the medical practice Roth co-founded that specialized in treating vein diseases but, on the side, gave back to our community in many ways.Whenever we part company with a relative, friend or...
Body's fluid movement can be cause of swelling

...Depending on the severity of the infection or inflammation, an urgent medical situation could exist. Varicose veins, diseases of the liver, kidneys or heart can also have an effect on circulatory efficiency. How do you know whether your...
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Dr. Steven Roth

...Moving to Augusta, Dr. Roth affiliated with University Hospital and in 2004, began focusing on the treatment of vein disease creating his own vein care facility that is now the Vein Guys with offices in Augusta, Atlanta, Raleigh, North Carolina...