Forensic expert takes stand in Oscar Pistorius' muder trial

...faces 25 years to life in prison if convicted of premeditated murder in Steenkamp's death in the early hours of Valentine's Day last year.But former police officer Roger Dixon, testifying for the defense, also appeared unsteady as chief prosecutor...

Cross-examination of Oscar Pistorius ends

...That work started right after Pistorius finished testifying. Roux, the defense lawyer, had the runner read out a Valentine's Day card from Steenkamp that she allegedly brought him just before he killed her. In it, she tells Pistorius that she...

Valentine's Day sales in Augusta not frozen by looming winter storm

...local merchants are still seeing Valentine's Day shoppers sharing the love.In...Evans, started prepping for Valentine's Day two weeks ago and hired about...weather will be over in time for Valentine's Day.The cold temperatures also...

Prosecutor mocks, taunts Pistorius in cross-examination at athlete's murder trial

...Pistorius is also lying that he killed Steenkamp by mistake, thinking she was an intruder, in the pre-dawn hours of Valentine's Day last year.Nel briefly erupted in laughter after Pistorius suggested that two witnesses who said they once saw him...

'We're all paying:' Heroin spreads misery in US

...I've come to realize that we are not immune. ... Heroin will welcome anyone into its grasp."The night before Valentine's Day, about 250 people filed into a church in Spring Lake Park, Minn. There were moms and dads of addicts, as well as...

Kirby: Try beet juice for a little romance this Valentine's Day

...de la Barca Just in time for Valentine's Day, the latest in romance enhancement...don't give a woman chocolates on Valentine's Day, she will think you didn't...average, men spend $107 for Valentine's Day gifts; women on average shell out...

Candles, massage lead to love hormones

...hormones conducive to romance, experts said.With Valentine's Day approaching, experts at The Endocrine Society said...sexual organs," he said. "As we're thinking about Valentine's Day, there is just no doubt that visible clues, visual...

Wine Time: Indulge your valentine with wine

That magic day is almost upon us: Valentine's Day, when every person thinks he or she is an expert...you probably still haven't decided what to do for Valentine's Day. Pay attention. I can help.Whether you are having...

Valentine's Day is time for courtin'

...most romantic thing you've ever done on Valentine's Day? After all, Valentine's Day is supposed to be about romance, isn't...with a day to celebrate love? Actually, Valentine's Day's real name is Saint Valentine's Day...

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Valentine's Day vows

...Young have planned their first Valentine's Day to the last romantic detail...romance. "I wanted to do this on Valentine's Day because it was a romantic day...at the reception. Even though Valentine's Day would seem the perfect day for...

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