Puppy helps us see life in a new way

We have a new puppy! She was born on Valentine's Day. She has a white heart on her forehead. We named her Alexis Valentine. She likes to be called Lexi or Val. She is the incarnation...

99-year-old is friendly face at St. John Towers

...the retirement community's marketing director."He refused to be king," said Wood. "We have that title at Valentine's Day. He was voted Valentine King."Holt keeps busy at St. John. He was the bingo caller for a while, but he now...

Sailor dies of injuries from Tennessee attacks

...and how good he was at listening. He dreamed of being a drill sergeant, and when they last saw each other around Valentine's Day, he gave her a gold-and-silver ring. When the time came to propose, she said, he knew to ask her parents...

Magnolia Cemetery keeps history of Augusta alive

...unique graves is that of John Martin, a soldier who fought against the British and hostile Indian tribes.He died Valentine's Day 1843 at the age of 105. The most unique thing about Martin's grave is the cannon he brought home from the Revolutionary...

Burn survivor looking ahead to career as lacrosse coach

...later, he knew exactly what time of year it was.He remembers opening his eyes to "look up and just see hearts and Valentine's Day balloons and stuff like that," McKemey said. "My room was covered in it. That pretty much was a dead giveaway to...

Be kind to environment

...Day offend him? Given the overall attitude of negativity and absence of kind demeanor, I venture to guess that Valentine's Day is another forced holiday for those who are "anti-love."While logic, common sense, science and religion all...

Masters Week big money generator for Augusta area restaurants

...Masters Week is hands down the biggest revenue generator of the year.Any given night during the week beats out Valentine's Day, Mother's Day and other traditionally busy dining-out holidays at Chuck Baldwin's French Market Grille in...

Shoppers expected to spend more than ever for Mother's Day

...roses have been most popular among consumers buying Mother's Day bouquets, she said.Mother's Day, followed by Valentine's Day, is the most lucrative holiday for the business."It's kind of like the Super Bowl," she said.

Jim Brickman keeps the music coming; this time, to Evans

...released his first album of 2015. It's a collection of songs with a romantic theme that was released ahead of Valentine's Day. Called Pure Romance, it found the pianist interpreting familiar songs like Sting's Fields of Gold, Bob Dylan's...

Take into perspective how well you can see

...during this season.Experts say the decision to separate usually begins after Christmas, but put off until after Valentine's Day. TODAY'S JOKE: Charlie Williams shares this one.Jake had proposed to young Gina and was being interviewed by...