Report of boy's recovery from burns in 1800s defies explanation

...testimonials. Most of these medicines contained alcohol or opiates.Later news stories reported the breakthroughs in surgery or vaccination that we now take for granted.And today, almost no issue rolls off the press that doesn't have some account of a possible...

AKC English Bulldog Puppies with over 40+ Champions in bloodline w...

...Our puppies all go home with AKC registration, AKC Micro-chipped for life, dewormed multiple times by vet, current vaccinations by vet, health checked multiple times by vet, 1-year health guarantee, and puppy packet with a small bag of food.We...

Newly published Williams story tells of college love

...brought into a room and paired off with girls."It was handled in a very businesslike manner," he wrote, "almost like vaccination the first day of school, each boy being allowed about five minutes, going in sort of white and trembling and coming out...

British farmers debate vaccination to end foot-and-mouth

...England - Roger Cann does not believe vaccination would have saved the 300 cattle and...disease. "It is so quick to spread, and vaccination takes time to take effect," said Cann...twisting country lane, Mary Quicke says vaccination could be used to build "firewalls...

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Iraq launches vaccination campaign against polio

...a nationwide polio vaccination campaign Tuesday...under the age of 5. Vaccinations were offered free...and trickled in the vaccination drops, their bitterness...helping Iraq in the vaccination campaign, had declared...she said. "Polio vaccinations then were just a precaution...

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Mayor Copenhaver gets flu vaccination

...with the Richmond County Health Department administers the flu vaccination mist to mayor Deke Copenhaver at Warren Road Elementary School...Immunization Awareness Week in Augusta to highlight school-based flu vaccination programs.

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New leader has shot at his first victory in Iditarod

...plan, and it was this year," the rookie said.Jordbrudal said it also has become easier with some relaxed quarantine and vaccination rules for dogs coming to the United States. It's gotten slightly cheaper to fly the dog teams here, too, but "it's...

Supreme Court struggles with companies' religious objections to law's birth control coverage

...Kagan and Sonia Sotomayor, repeatedly questioned Paul Clement, representing the businesses, whether blood transfusions, vaccinations and laws against sex discrimination would be subject to the same religious objections if the court ruled for his clients...

'War on women' unfounded

...government. I'd like to hear some women's perspectives on that.If employers were, for some reason, morally opposed to vaccination, would they be within their rights to refuse coverage? Birth control is an important component of women's health care...

Putin recalls Boston bombers, says world's intel agencies to ensure safe Olympics

...stop targeting the dogs. Calling it "not only inhuman but ineffective." The group recommended mass sterilization and vaccination instead.Putin also gave a pep talk to Russia's Olympic athletes, after winning just 15 medals in Vancouver in 2010...