British farmers debate vaccination to end foot-and-mouth

...England - Roger Cann does not believe vaccination would have saved the 300 cattle and...disease. "It is so quick to spread, and vaccination takes time to take effect," said Cann...twisting country lane, Mary Quicke says vaccination could be used to build "firewalls...

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Iraq launches vaccination campaign against polio

...Iraq launched a nationwide polio vaccination campaign Tuesday, struggling to combat...children's mouths open and trickled in the vaccination drops, their bitterness in most cases...Organization was helping Iraq in the vaccination campaign, had declared Iraq polio free...

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Mayor Copenhaver gets flu vaccination

...with the Richmond County Health Department administers the flu vaccination mist to mayor Deke Copenhaver at Warren Road Elementary School...Immunization Awareness Week in Augusta to highlight school-based flu vaccination programs.

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CDC: Half of flu strains don't match shot

...he said.Even if it is not a close match, "vaccination has been found to provide some protection against...Frieden said."Antivirals aren't a substitute for vaccination; vaccination prevents flu," he said. "But antivirals are...

Public safety committee approves changes to Augusta's animal ordinances

...registered with the county. The registration will be good for the length of that animal's rabies vaccination.Dogs must wear a collar with vaccination tags attached. Cats are exempt for the safety concerns posed by collars.Requirement for secure...

Strays offsetting efforts to curb animal kill rates in Augusta

...requirement; mandatory collars with vaccination tags for dogs; and a spay-and-neuter...the animal is current on its rabies vaccination.If the animal has an owner, the city verifies its vaccination. If it's current, the animal can...

Prepare for outbreaks

...proactive course should be the development of an effective vaccination program aimed at populations most at risk for this deadly...large-scale health and economic benefits from worldwide vaccination programs for smallpox, polio and other communicable diseases...

Georgia, states have power to restrict Ebola patients

...Association Health Law Section.In 1905, the U.S. Supreme Court decided in Jacobson v. Massachusetts that a man who refused vaccination during a 1902 smallpox outbreak could be fined, ruling that, "Upon the principle of self-defense, of paramount necessity...

Commission delays decision on animal ordinance package

...that would exempt show dogs and licensed breeders; a ban on tethering; a licensing requirement; mandatory collars with vaccination tags for dogs; and a requirement for dogs to be in a safe container in the back of pickups.It was the latest setback in...

Full mission of GRU's Cancer Center falls under many varied definitions

...are based on the understanding that there is a niche in that research that needs to be filled.Smoking cessation, HPV vaccination and integrative therapy programs all have been developed because there was a notable and pronounced need for an institution...