Commission defers Augusta Animal Services policy changes

...even if they are ill or unsterilized.She, for example, rescued nine 5-week-old puppies last week that had no vaccinations and is working to get them healthy.However, she said over the last month, shelter staff has refused to sell her dogs...

Drugstores, retailers dive deeper into vaccines

...information, and their expansion into vaccinations isn't meant to replace a primary care...The government recommends annual vaccinations for all people ages 6 months or older...window for protection.? What type of vaccinations are available?People can get shots...

Proposed ordinances could help disrupt dogfighting operations in Augusta

...Often times neighbors are too frightened to report what they see, and the more sophisticated owners are prepared with vaccination records and food and water for the dogs when animal control officers show up."If we can't see it, we can't prove...

British farmers debate vaccination to end foot-and-mouth

...England - Roger Cann does not believe vaccination would have saved the 300 cattle and...disease. "It is so quick to spread, and vaccination takes time to take effect," said Cann...twisting country lane, Mary Quicke says vaccination could be used to build "firewalls...

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Iraq launches vaccination campaign against polio

...a nationwide polio vaccination campaign Tuesday...under the age of 5. Vaccinations were offered free...and trickled in the vaccination drops, their bitterness...helping Iraq in the vaccination campaign, had declared...she said. "Polio vaccinations then were just a precaution...

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Mayor Copenhaver gets flu vaccination

...with the Richmond County Health Department administers the flu vaccination mist to mayor Deke Copenhaver at Warren Road Elementary School...Immunization Awareness Week in Augusta to highlight school-based flu vaccination programs.

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HPV vaccine safe, effective over eight years

...and Prevention has made it a top priority to increase HPV vaccination rates, which hover around 30 percent nationally and are...according to the study.In Australia, which has a national HPV vaccination program, HPV-related genital warts have declined by 93...

Lunch and Learn session focuses on vaccines

...diseases such as pertussis, school vaccination requirements and immunization...We want people to know that vaccinations are for everyone, from birth...Edmunds discussed the newest wave of vaccination standards, which require seventh-grade...

Britain considers vaccination against foot-and-mouth

...livestock, should be government choose to add vaccination to its control measures. "Vaccination is no easy option. It would be expected...Brown said. Britain has sought to avoid vaccination because it would keep other nations' doors...

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Vaccination would not have eased British foot and mouth crisis

...nearly 4 million farm animals. Some critics have claimed that vaccination would have brought a swifter end to the outbreak than the...and more animals having to be killed. It found that adding vaccination to the culling strategy either from the start of the outbreak...

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