British farmers debate vaccination to end foot-and-mouth

...England - Roger Cann does not believe vaccination would have saved the 300 cattle and...disease. "It is so quick to spread, and vaccination takes time to take effect," said Cann...twisting country lane, Mary Quicke says vaccination could be used to build "firewalls...

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Iraq launches vaccination campaign against polio

...a nationwide polio vaccination campaign Tuesday...under the age of 5. Vaccinations were offered free...and trickled in the vaccination drops, their bitterness...helping Iraq in the vaccination campaign, had declared...she said. "Polio vaccinations then were just a precaution...

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Mayor Copenhaver gets flu vaccination

...with the Richmond County Health Department administers the flu vaccination mist to mayor Deke Copenhaver at Warren Road Elementary School...Immunization Awareness Week in Augusta to highlight school-based flu vaccination programs.

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More getting HPV shots in Georgia and US, but CDC says not enough

...and Prevention released the rates of vaccination for those ages 13-17 for three recommended...1 percent.Those increased rates of vaccination nationally are still not nearly where...the rates for girls, the rate of some vaccination with HPV was 20 percent less than the...

Britain considers vaccination against foot-and-mouth

...livestock, should be government choose to add vaccination to its control measures. "Vaccination is no easy option. It would be expected...Brown said. Britain has sought to avoid vaccination because it would keep other nations' doors...

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Vaccination would not have eased British foot and mouth crisis

...nearly 4 million farm animals. Some critics have claimed that vaccination would have brought a swifter end to the outbreak than the...and more animals having to be killed. It found that adding vaccination to the culling strategy either from the start of the outbreak...

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Military wants to limit troops' anthrax vaccinations

...WASHINGTON -- The Pentagon wants to abandon its policy of anthrax vaccinations for all troops and limit shots to those with the highest...experts offered them choices of continuing antibiotics, adding vaccinations or ending treatment. CDC requested vaccine - and the Pentagon...

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U.N. experts approve limited animal vaccinations to combat bird flu

...N. experts approved limited animal vaccinations Thursday in Asia's bird flu crisis...experts said the cautious use of vaccinations could create buffer zones around already...infected site. If done properly, vaccination would be cheaper than providing compensation...

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Cohen orders anthrax vaccinations for troops in Gulf

...Gulf should undergo anthrax vaccinations as a "prudent action...the crisis in Iraq, the vaccination campaign will begin this...review, I have concluded that vaccination against anthrax is a safe...Staff, have started the vaccination program by getting their...

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Age old question: Infections, vaccinations linked to Guillain-Barre

...you get Guillain-Barre syndrome from vaccinations? A: According to the National Institute...syndrome will appear after surgery or a vaccination. The syndrome can appear within hours...even if an individual does not get a vaccination. Among those who received the flu vaccine...

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