Dog flu reported in Georgia

...metropolitan Atlanta area. The dog showed coughing, lethargy, anorexia and was up to date on DHLPP, Rabies and Bordetella vaccinations. UGA reported the affected dog recently was in contact with other dogs at a metro Atlanta boarding facility. There is no...

Rabid bat found in Goshen

...discovery, residents should avoid contact with wild animals in the area and ensure their pets have up-to-date rabies vaccinations, he said.Report any contact between humans and wild animals to Richmond County Health Department at (706) 667-4234...

British farmers debate vaccination to end foot-and-mouth

...England - Roger Cann does not believe vaccination would have saved the 300 cattle and...disease. "It is so quick to spread, and vaccination takes time to take effect," said Cann...twisting country lane, Mary Quicke says vaccination could be used to build "firewalls...

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Iraq launches vaccination campaign against polio

...a nationwide polio vaccination campaign Tuesday...under the age of 5. Vaccinations were offered free...and trickled in the vaccination drops, their bitterness...helping Iraq in the vaccination campaign, had declared...she said. "Polio vaccinations then were just a precaution...

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Mayor Copenhaver gets flu vaccination

...with the Richmond County Health Department administers the flu vaccination mist to mayor Deke Copenhaver at Warren Road Elementary School...Immunization Awareness Week in Augusta to highlight school-based flu vaccination programs.

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Midwest dogs facing canine flu outbreak; owners urged to limit pets' contact with other dogs

...immunizations against H3N8 for all dogs boarded there late last week. Shanesy said she's now recommending, not requiring, the vaccination after veterinarians said it won't protect against H3N2."The philosophy we're taking is, just like the human flu...

Separate politics, measles

...risk of childhood autism. Subsequently, vaccination rates decreased while rates of these diseases...Prevention's recommendations for universal childhood vaccination, and those who oppose vaccination on philosophical grounds or for fear of the...

Vaccine bill frightening

...own health choices removed by the government. And it won't stop with forced vaccinations for schoolchildren. It will move into the realm of forced vaccinations for adults ? and then what?We must work to stop these actions before it's...

Animal Rescue owner cited, stripped of license

...because it was located in her home; that Leahey lied to potential adopters and didn't provide health records such as rabies vaccinations; that animals spent more than 15 hours a day in kennels and weren't properly cared for and fed; and that she didn't...

Rants & Raves

...Health on Ninth and Laney-Walker. My granddaughter needed shots for school and I was informed that this place has children vaccinations. Never again. While waiting an hour and 45 minutes, we heard cursing conversations, half-naked females, loud music...