Peach County getting inquires on 4-day week

...considering or planning a similar move.Peach County officials have estimated they saved $313,000 in transportation and utilities costs by making the schedule change.C.B. Mathis, assistant superintendent of operations in Peach County, said he...

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Residents enjoy low cost of living

...71.2 percent, that means the area is 28.8 percent below the national average in that category. The area's utilities costs in the most recent study registered at 90.8 percent, or 9.2 percent below the country's average cost. And...

Complex awaits funds after mistake

...to cover all our expenses." In addition to repair and upkeep, the Section 8 money also covers some residents' utilities costs. That money can range from $10 to $68 per resident and helps offset the cost of power and natural gas. The HUD...

SCANA to track school's utilities

...give the best possible price. In theory, a deregulated market would create competition, and customers would see utilities costs drop. But the General Assembly has failed to act on deregulation the past two sessions. Chasiti Kirkland covers...

Money lessons teach kids something of value

...real-life discussions. Another assignment might be to do some homework on renting an apartment. They factor in utilities costs and lease costs.'' NationsBank is trying to get the program into public high schools. So far, it is not being...

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Augusta ranks high in survey

...workers is employed in manufacturing, also above the national average. The study didn't factor wages, taxes and utilities costs, which often give the South an advantage in other published rankings. Mr. Hill said he wanted to measure what industry...

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