Graystone Ranch in Hephzibah being investigated by USDA

...public are required to be licensed by the USDA and are regulated through annual inspections...ziplining, and animal tours, canceled its USDA license in January, but the public was...for comment.In addition to its canceled USDA license, Graystone was also operating...

Official lauds success of free school meals program

...they don't have to worry about money or charges or any of those kinds of things," Mack said.On Tuesday, Kevin Concannon, USDA under secretary for food, nutrition and consumer services, called the first year of nationwide implementation a success with...

Advocates call for overhaul of federal Animal Welfare Act

...breeders, research labs and dealers.USDA licenses are easy to acquire and difficult...the last time the ranch was inspected by USDA, Graystone had 51 animals regulated by the...violations in that time, according to USDA inspection reports. Violations included...

US turkey numbers at 28-year low, record wholesale prices precede Thanksgiving

...quarter ? up from $1.05 per pound at this time last year, the USDA said.But consumers won't necessarily see that reflected in...store chains are paying and what they're selling them at," USDA agriculture economist David Harvey said.Turkey numbers peaked...

Protests USDA rules on organic foods

...is trying to do with organic foods. The USDA's well-publicized, temporary withdrawal...of the proposal. The instructions the USDA was given in the Organic Foods Production...Standards Board on those details, the USDA has proposed rules that do not codify the...

Opinion columns
USDA setting up gene research center at Cornell

...is expected to open this spring, said Judy St. John, an associate deputy administrator with the USDA's Agricultural Research Service. "The USDA-funded center will aid researchers around the country and the world in the quest to discover all...

XXX Technology
USDA develops quick test for E. coli bacteria

...test, can determine the presence of a dangerous strain of E. coli within five to 10 minutes instead of 48 hours or more, said USDA scientist Dan Laster. "We think this will encourage more testing of meat and other foods because it is such a simple process...

XXX Technology
Department of Human Services Board says photo IDs will cost $7.7 million

...proposal for the Legislature to review.Critics of the food stamp legislation have said it will not fix larger-scale fraud. The USDA has reported the rate of illegal sales of food assistance benefits for cash or other items is around 1.3 percent of all users...

Farmers harvesting cotton in 'good average year'

...cotton production, behind China and India. The three nations produce two-thirds of the world's cotton, according to the USDA.Farming is a complicated trade, even with sophisticated insecticides and fertilizers, state-of-the-art machinery and...

Plant species tulips for early color

...producing blooms through at least several seasons. Their bloom period ranges from early spring well into June. They perform best in USDA Zones 3 to 7.Shop for labels specifying the genus Tulipa, about 100 species of which have been cloned for domestic use.Look...