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Marketing firm may have conflicts of interests

...are considering signing on. One of those companies, US WEST, is reviewing its relationship with IMG in light of...Randy Lynch, vice president of Olympic programs for US WEST. The US WEST account is supervised by Rob Prazmark, the same IMG...
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Computer companies join telcos in FCC request

...Monday. BellSouth, Bell Atlantic, SBC Communications, US West and GTE have been pressing the Federal Communications Commission...The FCC in August rejected requests by Bell Atlantic, US West, Ameritech and SBC to let them directly offer data services...
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South Aiken's Baldwin is healthy, ready for big season

...Albertson, Rasool Clemons, Will Holbrook and others."I hope things turn around for him. It would be good for all of us," West said. "His luck's got to change sooner or later."
US West and Qwest announce alliance

DENVER -- U S West Communications and Qwest Communications International Inc. are teaming up to sell all-in-one phone service to 14 million Midwest customers. The alliance announced Thursday lets customers in U S West's 14-state domain to order local service from U S West, a regional Baby Bell, combined with long-distance service from Qwest, a small provider of long-distance service. Qwest, which is building a super-high-capacity fiber-optic network and looking for callers to use it, is hoping to lure U S West's customers.
US West spends billions to improve relations

DENVER - After years of complaints about poor phone service, U S West Communications Inc. is spending billions of dollars to rebuild its relationship with customers, dial tone by dial tone. The huge telecommunications company has expanded access lines, cut delays in filling orders for service and improved response time for repair requests.
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Judge: Baby Bells can't jump into long-distance yet

...companies -- SBC Communications and US West -- an unobstructed path to compete...follow in the footsteps of SBC and US West, filing their own suits against the...attempted to piggyback onto SBC and US West's case on Dec. 30 -- the eve of...
Judge delays immediate long-distance entry for regional Bells

...appeal is heard. SBC Communications, US West and Bell Atlantic expressed disappointment...success on the merits," he wrote. US West welcomed this, saying it "makes...delaying the order, SBC Communications, US West and Bell Atlantic will have to abide...
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Judge delays Bell entry into long distance

...delaying the order, SBC Communications, US West and Bell Atlantic would be required...would have cleared the way for SBC, US West and Bell Atlantic to offer long-distance...SBC took the case to court, with US West and Bell Atlantic subsequently joining...
Third Bell joins suit

...regional Bells SBC Communications and US West. The development means that if the...two Bells -- SBC Communications and US West -- because it does not apply to GTE...the way for SBC Communications and US West to offer long-distance service to...
Government urged to create more local phone competition AT&T and other local phone competitors came Wednesday when a federal judge paved the way for SBC Communications and US West to offer long-distance service to their local customers. "I would submit that the industry and the government need...
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