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Hamburger recall expanded to 1.2 million pounds

...contaminated products were produced there. "USDA is conducting a thorough investigation at the plant to ensure that no unsafe product is being allowed to go into commerce," Glickman said. Much of the ground beef has likely gone through the food...
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New gun right peril

...The strategy is the same that cigarette foes employed in their suits against the tobacco industry -- blaming an "unsafe" product, not on the people who misused it or ignored its warnings, but on the companies that lawfully sell it. This notion...
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Environmental group sues oil companies

...consumers to clean up their mess," said Donald Brown, executive director of the environmental group. "They put out an unsafe product affecting all the groundwater in California. They put it out so fast that the proper tests weren't given to human...
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In the dairy state, a taste for raw milk multiplies

...options on how to deal with raw milk. He wouldn't say what those might be. "I believe they're providing an unsafe product to an unsuspecting public," Leitzke said. In April 2001, Leitzke told Tim Wightman's Hayward farm to stop selling...
'Andro' OK with Cardinals and over-the-counter supplement." McGwire said Saturday he wouldn't jeopardize his health by using an unsafe product and has been assured that androstenedione isn't harmful. "There's absolutely nothing wrong with it. It's...
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Smart shopping easier online

...skating injuries, bicycle safety, even how to be a better babysitter. Consumers who experience first-hand an unsafe product or product-related injury can report it directly from the Talk to Us link. - U.S. Federal Trade Commission...
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