Missouri coach Gary Pinkel emotional as he formally announces resignation

...included several assistant coaches who ignored his suggestion to concentrate on this week's game plan and interim university president Mike Middleton and chancellor Hank Foley at the center court news conference at Mizzou Arena. Also there was Michael...

Freedom from the press?

...have a videographer capturing the scene forcibly removed.Ask yourself: Why is an apology not enough to retain a university president who did nothing wrong, but apparently Ms. Click keeps her job after willfully attempting to violate a student's...

Doubters calmed by Clemson's offense under new coordinators

...brought its fan base "national renown.""We would prefer not to file lawsuits to protect our trademarks," university President Michael K. Young said in a statement. "However, when our intellectual property, especially the 12th Man mark...

Michaux: Missouri football team set precedent that no doubt will be followed

...power as we saw at Missouri. I think we'll see that more often now, if not from other sports as well."If university presidents are quaking a little in their offices today, they really have only themselves to blame. It was the universities...

Mississippi State, high school mourn deaths of father, son

...passenger seat. MISSOURI: Players announced on Twitter that they will not participate in team activities until the university president resigns, a move designed to join forces with a black graduate student who is holding a hunger strike.The statement...

Clemson ranks high in academics in football

...the NCAA wanted to get from its academic reform movement."We are moving in the right direction," said Ohio University President Roderick McDavis, chairman of the Division I committee on academics. "Ultimately, the real significance of...

Frank Beamer announces retirement

...this year after beating Boston College on Saturday.Beamer said he informed athletic director Whit Babcock and university president Timothy Sands on Sunday that he was stepping down."I was going to wait until the end of the season to make this...

Ryan Seacrest to get UGA degree

...are infrequent even during consideration of controversial matters, other than occasional friendly banter. So, university presidents tend to avoid making public information before they have presented to the board.

Our pride now has a name

...hanging over this institution and this city since 2012.With one courageous act, the Board of Regents and new university President Dr. Brooks Keel have changed the climate in Augusta.This community was always going to support the combined...

School's name change marks important step

...in a more transparent manner.Thank you to both the University System of Georgia Board of Regents and Augusta University President Brooks Keel for honoring the wishes of the students, alumni and community. This hopefully will be remembered...