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Interim MCG president has local tie

It might seem that James N. Thompson has no formal ties to the Medical College of Georgia, but the new interim president of MCG has a connection to Augusta: His son David is a former associate pastor of Curtis Baptist Church.
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Second try at antidepressants often works

The largest study ever done on treating depression has found that patients who didn't get well with the first medicine they tried had a good chance of succeeding the second time around.
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Report: Soy no significant effect on cholesterol

DALLAS - Veggie burgers and tofu might not be so great at warding off heart disease after all.
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As obesity surgery soars, patients weigh which method is best

As more people abandon New Year's resolutions to lose weight and turn to obesity surgery, doctors are debating which type is safest and best.
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Drastic lowering of bad cholesterol urged for heart attack patients

DALLAS -- People who have recently had a heart attack should lower their "bad cholesterol" to rock-bottom levels, according to new guidelines issued Monday.
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News you can use

...whiteheads and aggravate acne, says Dr. Amit Pandya, an associate professor of dermatology at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center. She also warns against using granulated facial creams. "They are basically a gentle way to sandpaper...
Experts worry about an especially bad flu season for children

Flu sweeping across the country appears to be hitting unusually hard at young children, and experts say occasional reports of deaths among otherwise healthy youngsters are especially worrisome.
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Procedure raises brow to improve patients' sight

Herbert Collins is not the type to go Hollywood, so it was understandable when people scoffed at his reason for going to Medical College of Georgia Hospital and Clinics.
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Dietary experts debate the alleged evils of white bread

Should people really care that they digest potatoes faster than carrots?
Plastic surgeons cut up FX drama 'Nip/Tuck'

PITTSBURGH -- "Nip/Tuck" may be a hit with audiences, but the new FX drama that grapples with the ugly side of the make-me-beautiful business has plastic surgeons sharpening their scalpels.