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GRU is community jewel

It would be great for the university and our community if everyone worked together with a positive attitude ...
Author speaks at hooding ceremony

Being a good doctor means hanging on to what makes you human in the face of a dehumanizing system, the author of some classic medical books told the graduating class of the Medical College of Georgia School of Medicine on Thursday.
Ceremony holds key for students

It took two envelopes, two residency programs and a timely job offer to sell Andrew and Allison Miller's Augusta home during the Match Day ceremony Thursday at Medical College of Georgia. "It's quite a little soap opera," Mrs. Miller said, laughing with relief.
Students awaiting matches

Having survived "Black Monday," Jennifer and Bobby Erdin can look forward to Match Day on Thursday with one promise -- at least they will be together. The husband and wife fourth-year medical students will be among more than 150 at Medical College of Georgia, and tens of thousands nationwide, who will find out Thursday where they will spend the next three to five years in a residency program.
Ray may be placed on liver donor list

...H. Kilcrease Jr. to reconsider, but no court date has been set. Ray sought a liver transplant at the University of Tennessee-Memphis, but officials there said the hospital doesn't do liver transplants for patients over 65. Ms. Rossi...
In the fight of their lives

It started almost the moment they entered her body. Martha Cosnahan received silicone breast implants after both her breasts were removed due to fibrous tumors in 1975. She hoped the implants would restore her shape and self-image. Instead, she claims they tortured her for nearly 10 years and leaked silicone that is ruining her health.
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