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Terrorism suspect arrested at Augusta bus terminal

Two Alabama men who allegedly wanted to wage violent jihad overseas have been arrested in Georgia on terrorism charges - one in Augusta.
Scientist advocates clean nuclear power

Dr. Hadyn Williams reads from a letter warning of the dangers of nuclear proliferation and urging scientists to curb the growth of nuclear weapons. But his letter is dated Feb. 26, 1948, and it is signed "A. Einstein."
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UGA charting new territory by severing ties with fund-raising group

ATHENS, Ga. -- The University of Georgia is at the forefront of a debate between universities and foundations that manage private contributions of money and property for student scholarships, faculty endowments and other uses.
Georgia State's ragtag football team has big dreams

ATLANTA -- Jim Wallace thought his football career ended with his last high school game seven autumns ago. Then the old passion stirred unexpectedly last week after a class at Georgia State University. A bunch of big guys hollered and thrust season tickets at him in the main plaza.
SEC investigates payments to former Tennessee QB

...his company and that Diane Sanford was fired from Aarco in September 1999. Paul Sanford died Monday at the University of South Alabama Medical Center after being admitted last Wednesday, a hospital spokeswoman said. According to a police report...
Health calendar

The health and fitness calendar is a listing of support groups, fitness and health activities and lectures. Send information to Health Calendar, The Augusta Chronicle, P.O. Box 1928, Augusta, GA 30903-1928. Send information by fax to 722-7403. Mark the release to the attention of Tharon A. Giddens and include a contact name and phone number. Community events
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Researchers identify `mad cow' prion disease process

WASHINGTON -- Researchers have identified a brain-destroying process that may be used by one form of prion, the abnormal protein that is thought to cause mad cow disease and some other disorders that kill brain cells. A team from the University of California, San Francisco, says it has discovered a type of prion that attaches to a key structure in neuron cells and triggers a signal that causes the cell to die.
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Across the Southeast

...said. Sgt. Edwards, who enlisted at age 17, moved back to Irvington last month, hoping to enroll at the University of South Alabama once the family is resettled. He's unsure of his job goals, but said he enjoys working outdoors. The family...
Patients might avoid surgeries

...Administration. If approved, "that's going to change how we do things," said burn surgeon Arnold Luterman, of the University of South Alabama, who helped conduct the initial studies. Multidrug-resistant bacteria is a continuing problem but there...
Rider earns a save en route to victory

...knew he was stepping in and rolling back a little too hard," said Childress, a junior radiology major at the University of South Alabama. "When I saw him touch it, I went ahead and went down and got it." Reach Chris Gay at (706) 823-3645...
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