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Britain looks to U.S. on care, expert says

...British patients has not been without its problems, said Michael Bury, professor emeritus of sociology at the University of London. For instance, a few months ago the New England Journal of Medicine ran a study that showed the drug Herceptin...
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Robert Langridge: A computer-modeling pioneer

...samplings of the Berkeley curriculum. Langridge, who was born in England, earned his doctorate in 1957 at the University of London under Maurice Wilkins after Wilkins had participated in the discovery of DNA's structure. Langridge then plunged...
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Can kids' brains be trained to pay attention?

...trained, or development accelerated, in young children," neuroscientists Karla Holmbie and Mark Johnson of the University of London's Centre for Brain & Cognitive Development wrote in an accompanying review. But it's not clear if the training...
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2004's best and worst religion books

...Hallelujahs for the top four of 2004: 1. "The Quran" (Oxford University Press) by M.A.S. Abdel Haleem of the University of London, which fills the huge need for a scholarly yet readable translation. (Its only competitor is 2002's stiffer...
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Muslim professor prints Quran in modern English

...required to memorize the Quran and were tested annually to make sure they maintained the knowledge. The veteran University of London professor of Islamic studies said he obeys a promise to his father to read the Quran daily, and the childhood...
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APRIL 7, 1983 A federal judge on Wednesday banned anyone by the Augusta National Inc. from selling souvenirs that display Masters Tournament emblems.
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...perfect feature film, a British academic said. Sue Clayton, a movie director and teacher of screenwriting at the University of London, carried out a detailed analysis of the highest-grossing films in Britain over the past 10 years, ranging from...
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Talking with 'New Guy' star DJ Qualls has changed dramatically in the 30-odd months since he launched his film career. After graduating from the University of London in 1999, he came home to Nashville, Tenn., to figure out what he was going to do. "I thought I was gonna...
Ireland confirms first case of foot-and-mouth disease

...infected animals. In Britain, foot-and-mouth count climbed to 435 cases by early Thursday. Roy Anderson, a University of London scientist who studied the pattern of the disease for the government, said foot-and-mouth would not be eliminated...
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Overtime: Augusta crews enjoy another successful day

...Augusta Center crew won twice in quadruple sculls. After beating an English composite crew from the Leander Club and University of London, the Americans took the semifinals over the Belgian national squad, racing as Nautische Sporten Oostende and...
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