Sonny Seiler, owner of mascot Uga, reflects on his experiences at Augusta National

Flipping through decades of Masters badges, Sonny Seiler removed his hand from a 1970s ticket and gently tapped the side of his head. "It's all right here," Seiler said. "Memory after memory from Augusta."

Sonny Lamb

...married when they both graduated from the University of Georgia in Athens. Other survivors are his four children...school. Following his graduation from the University of Georgia, in Athens, where he majored in Forestry and was a...

Ramblin' Rhodes: Music opportunities include Haggard, Jaimee Paul

...Broadcasters Hall of Fame. The ceremony with four other inductees takes place Friday, Jan. 23, at the University of Georgia in Athens. SALUTE! FRIDAY NIGHT FEVER: Get on your dancing shoes and head for the Jesse C. Lynch Memorial American...

Ga. tax revenues up, but not enough

...counties for dealing with juvenile offenders.Legislative leaders who met with lawmakers last month at the University of Georgia in Athens also spread the word not to expect a cash flush budget to fund new projects, despite improved finances after...

MCG students address House panel on need for more state residencies

Second-year student Katherine Menezes has a time to decide what kind of medicine she wants to practice. Whether she would lean toward practicing in Georgia could depend on getting a residency to finish her training here.

Georgia university officials move ahead with private dorm plan

...fraction of the 63,000 beds available system-wide. It does not include the state's largest school, the University of Georgia in Athens.On Nov. 4, Georgia voters overwhelmingly approved an exemption from local property taxes for private...

Mary Callaway Boudreau

...in Georgia as the class valedictorian, Mary worked in Washington DC and New York City. She attended the University of Georgia in Athens and Columbia University in New York City, where Mary met the love of her life, Charlie, and they were...

University System of Georgia changes gay couples' benefits

...constitution in 2004. Attempts to get full domestic partner benefits at the largest university system school, the University of Georgia in Athens, have stalled in recent years.University system officials said Mon day's vote was prompted by federal...

Enrollment surges in UGA online summer courses

...students can take some of those courses while they're home for the summer, studying abroad, or even enrolled at UGA in Athens taking other courses. UGA planners are now looking at ways they might increase the number of students in about nine...

James Brown's mother, Susie, wrongly depicted in movie

...performing in Augusta two years later.He also was performing at a baseball stadium in Atlanta, at the University of Georgia in Athens and at James Brown's Third World nightclub for an entire week all before the Georgia Legislature adopted...