Reports: UGA's Bobo will take Colorado State job

...interim athletic director John Morris said before the school began the hire. "Ultimately if a school like the University of Florida comes along and wants to pay a buyout of that figure, that happens. You do your best in the search process when...

Kirby: It's colder in Augusta and my body can prove it

...smart his bad ideas are worth considering, mayor says""Azziz on short list for U.S. surgeon general ... or University of Florida football coach"If you'd try such a nice approach, I imagine Harvard will come calling within a month...

Gators to start freshman quarterback Treon Harris against Dogs

...improving ourselves and finding an identity offensively in what we can do and what we can do well. And block out as much as you can."You're going to hear it. That's part of it playing at a place like the University of Florida."

Fla.'s 'Gray Belt' a glimpse at nation's future

...investments in education, transportation and infrastructure. Not so much for residents in the Gray Belt, said University of Florida economist David Denslow."Senior citizens aren't going to care quite as much about education. They're not...

Shark sightings feed tourism

...unprovoked white shark attacks ? 13 of them fatal ? in U.S. waters since 1916, according to data provided by the University of Florida.Still, officials are wary of the damage that could be done to tourism if one of the predators bites a person...

'Party School' ranking drops UGA to 15th

...top five spots.Only one Southeastern Conference school placed in the top 10 of the party school rankings. The University of Florida was listed in the 10th spot on this year's list of party schools.

IPO allowed Google to make big bet it can become indispensable

...value be at $150 billion if Google's IPO hadn't performed as well as it had, said longtime IPO expert and University of Florida finance professor Jay Ritter.Widening the wealth gapGoogle's IPO turned most of the company's roughly 2...

Georgia case reopened after prostitute's arrest in Google executive's death

...animal enclosures, which include a barrel strung up by rope and fencing extending to the top.Riopelle went to the University of Florida and got a degree in construction engineering. But when he was told by a boss to cut his hair and wear a bigger...

Obama opens Eastern Seaboard to oil exploration

...paid for it, so I can see why they don't want to share. These things are not cheap," said John Jaeger, a University of Florida geology professor.Oil lobbyists say drilling for the estimated 4.72 billion barrels of recoverable oil and...

Louise Shivers

...numerous national magazines. She received a National Endowment for the Arts and later taught creative writing at the University of Florida. This spring she received the Summerville Award at GRU. She loved to travel and was an accomplished cook known...