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California cage law expected to increase egg prices

...Canada also contributed to a year-end spike, he said.Daniel Sumner, an agricultural economist at the University of California, Davis, said prices initially could rise dramatically this year but he expects them to eventually settle at 10...
Wine Time: Paul Hobbs Chardonnay 2012, Russian River Valley

...apart. He could tell the difference in the fruit grown in the scattered orchards.After graduating from the University of California-Davis, known for its wine program, he gained experience in the wine industry. He became known as someone who...
Farmers brace for workforce shortage under Obama's executive action on immigration

FRESNO, Calif. - Thousands of the state's farmworkers might choose to leave the uncertainty of their seasonal jobs.
Backlash stirs in US against foreign worker visas

...themselves, their skills become obsolete," he said.Norm Matloff, a computer science professor at the University of California, Davis, agreed that age plays into it - not because older workers are less skilled but because they typically require...
Targeting treatment, and only 2 percent of clinical cancer studies focus on non-white ethnic groups, according to a University of California-Davis study.Studies have shown cost, transportation issues and cultural differences play roles in lower minority...
Electric vehicle owners in Augusta won't depend on charging stations outside of home

As the infrastructure for electric vehicles continues to grow, some Augusta drivers say they aren't dependent on charging stations outside of their garage but welcome the option to add a few miles around town.
Study: Alcohol interferes with male partnering

It sounds like an old cliche but it is true: After a bout of drinking together, males are less interested in pairing back up with their partner while females are more strongly attracted to their mate, at least in an animal model of human behavior.
Are lesbian athletes more accepted than gays?

...often ways that even younger men try to prove their heterosexuality," says Herek, a psychologist at the University of California, Davis, who has, for years, studied this phenomenon and how it plays out in the gay community.That is not...
Some male animals also strive to be good fathers, researchers say

...that might be where the paternal change starts, said Bales, an associate professor of psychology at the University of California-Davis and the unit leader for Brain, Mind and Behavior at the California National Primate Research Center. Two important...
Tons of schools name cities

Somehow these universities managed not only to survive, but thrive.