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Brain stents show big promise for certain stroke patients

...once-in-a-generation advance in stroke care," said the head of one study, Dr. Jeffrey Saver, the stroke chief at the University of California, Los Angeles.Most of the 800,000 strokes in the U.S. each year are caused by a blood clot lodged in the brain...
Azziz 'positive' about resignation

...faculty member but also acknowledges that the family still owns a home in California, where he was at the University of California Los Angeles prior to joining GRU.Azziz has been a bold and often controversial leader since taking over in July 2010...
Stand up - no apologies necessary only thing more preposterous than the tempest itself was her apology for it.In the case of University of California, Los Angeles, Professor Robert Goldstein, it wasn't even how he put something; it was that he wrote it at all...
Web site blasts Paine president, seeks his ouster

Allegations of financial and ethical wrongdoing by Paine College officials were published on a Web site launched this month by an anonymous source.
Social media increasingly important for military families

...warfare has had that level of access to their families," said Benjamin Karney, a social psychologist at University of California-Los Angeles, who studies marriage and family relationships in the military.Karney and three other researchers are...
Tons of schools name cities

Somehow these universities managed not only to survive, but thrive.
Just no comparison

...competition across this vast country.This team is incomparable.And that goes for comparisons to the University of California-Los Angeles men's team of 1971-74, whose John Wooden-coached, seemingly unreachable 88-game winning streak...
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The ones to watch in the next decade

Staff writers chose seven Augusta residents expected to do great things in the decade to come.
Traffic moving easily through LA despite fears

Cars flowed freely through the nation's second-largest city Saturday, despite fears of epic "Carmageddon" traffic jams spawned by the 53-hour shutdown of a 10-mile stretch of one of the region's most critical freeways.
As Internet turns 40, barriers threaten its growth

...were paying attention back on Sept. 2, 1969, when about 20 people gathered in Kleinrock's lab at the University of California, Los Angeles, to watch as two bulky computers passed meaningless test data through a 15-foot gray cable. That was...
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