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Marijuana-derived drug Epidiolex shows promise; drug could be tested at Georgia Regents University

A marijuana-derived drug that might be tested at Georgia Regents University showed success in patients with hard-to-treat seizures.
Family of doctor who delivered Obama 'honored'

HONOLULU- The family of a Honolulu doctor whose signature appears on President Barack Obama's birth certificate woke up to the news Wednesday that the late obstetrician had delivered the future president.
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Robert Langridge: A computer-modeling pioneer

Last time Smithsonian magazine checked in with Robert Langridge, 20 years ago, he was enjoying a measure of fame for pioneering a way to visualize the invisible -- the structure and behavior of key biological molecules, such as DNA.
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Controversy surrounds popular bracelets

CHICAGO -- Orange, red, blue, black - they're just thin, rubbery bracelets that come in a rainbow of colors, but they're causing quite a stir.
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Scientists study how brains change over time

Scientists have found a way to track tiny features of individual brain cells in living mice, providing a glimpse at how brains change over time. In one case, they watched the animals' brains rewire after their whiskers were clipped.\r\n
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Bionic eye seeks to follow the success of the bionic ear

NEW YORK -- When 68-year-old Robert Rosene became a bionic-eyed man, he didn't get the Six Million Dollar Man's telescoping vision.\r\n
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Malignant virus in polio vaccine linked to cancer

Scientists have found traces of a monkey virus that contaminated the polio vaccine in the 1950s in a common form of highly malignant human cancer that has mysteriously doubled in incidence over the past 30 years.
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Stroke study Men who suffer from depression are far more likely to die of a stroke than men who don't, but the likelihood of a nonfatal stroke isn't correlated with depression, researchers report. Writing in the January issue of the journal Stroke, researchers from South Wales followed the health of more than 2,100 men ages 49 through 64 for a decade. In that group were 137 strokes, including 17 that were fatal.
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Doctors cram for bioterrorism test

Treat aggressively and quickly. Cast a wide net for possible victims. Let doctors do the talking. Those are some of the key lessons emerging from the poison- letter attacks - a wake-up call heard across the country as health officials struggle to shore up bioterror disaster planning. So far, doctors around the country have had to worry more about fear and panic than actual cases of anthrax.
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Study: Gay men less afraid of HIV

SAN FRANCISCO - Gay men have adopted a "don't ask, don't tell" policy when it comes to talking about HIV, which might be contributing to a rise in infection rates, a new study by the University of California at San Francisco has shown. The just-released study also showed what experts already knew: Gay men don't find HIV as threatening as they once did, ads for AIDS drugs are seen as glamorizing life after infection, and there is increased acceptance of unprotected sex.
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