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Stop-motion bring the inanimate to life

BRISTOL, England - Inside a cavernous office-park building in this southwest English city, dozens of grown-ups are moving goofy clay figures around like kids playing with their Barbies or GI Joes.
Futures of young Catholics at issue

WASHINGTON - As the Vatican prepares for the inauguration of newly elected Pope Benedict XVI, questions remain about the future of the next generation of young American Catholics.
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The World Series Poker is a TV and Internet sensation

LAS VEGAS -- The best poker player in the world quickly does the math and doesn't like his odds at this week's World Series of Poker.
Kerry unveils defense policy

LOS ANGELES - Democrat John Kerry outlined his plan to combat terrorism Friday that relies on stronger intelligence-gathering, law enforcement and international alliances, while rebutting increasing criticism of his national security credentials from President Bush's campaign.
Surgeons perform rare surgery on baby born with second head

SANTO DOMINGO, Dominican Republic -- A team of surgeons began operating Friday on a Dominican infant born with a second head, a risky surgery that doctors say they believe to be the first of its kind.
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New version of children's book reignites a debate

NEW YORK -- "The Story of Little Black Sambo," a tale about a boy who outwits four fierce tigers by giving up his new clothes, has been reprinted with new illustrations to replace the condescending renderings of its young black protagonist.
Harrick has fouled out

Let's get this straight: The University of Georgia is throwing even its innocent players to the wolves by banning the team from post-season play for the roiling scandal swirling about them - while university officials are doing everything they can to protect the head coach who has presided over the shameful episode.
Man hooked on visitors from outer space

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. - About 10 years ago, Larry Johnson was conducting a whale-watching tour on a small island off Baja California when he caught a glimpse of a rock that looked, well, different.
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Why can't a man be more like a woman? Sometimes he can, especially if he's becoming a father for the first time.
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NASA taps innovative robot fleet for next-generation Mars missions

PASADENA, Calif. -- The scientists came armed with ideas for a robotic NASA mission using innovative spacecraft that hop, fly, float, roll and dig. By next year, NASA officials hope to select one idea as they prepare to build the new class of robotic spacecraft, called Scouts, for a $300 million mission the space agency intends to launch to Mars by 2007. What the first spacecraft will look like is anyone's guess, but it is likely to be a departure from the group of orbiters and landers NASA has sent to Mars since the 1960s.
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