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Wine Time: Concannon Cabernet Sauvignon 2010, California

The history of Concannon and Cabernet Sauvignon are intertwined, going back 130 years. So it is no surprise that this wine is a winner.
Cows exempt from greenhouse gas limits

...ignored. Every industry has to play their role," said Frank M. Mitloehner, an associate professor at the University of California at Davis, who has studied livestock gas for 15 years. But laws designed to reduce emissions from smokestacks and...
Across South Carolina

GEORGETOWN - Police are investigating a shooting outside a business Friday night that left one man dead.
Female faculty closing pay gap

ATHENS, Ga. - An age-old salary gap between male and female professors in the United States has nearly closed at the University of Georgia, where women might have even surpassed men among junior faculty, according to a recent report from the American Association of University Professors.
Now grading your student writing: a computer

COLUMBIA, Mo. - Student essays always seem to be riddled with the same sorts of flaws. So sociology professor Ed Brent decided to hand the work off - to a computer.
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Scientists say monkeys have protein that prevents HIV infection

...because it will help build a basis for hammering the virus before it gets started," said Paul Luciw, a University of California at Davis microbiologist who specializes in AIDS research. The protein, called TRIM5-alpha, was identified in...
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'Urban legend' rumors keeps racial lynching theories alive in South outlet for frustrations, particularly in response to racial injustice. Turner, a vice provost at the University of California at Davis, said she used to debunk myths among her black students, such as one that said U.S. scientists created...
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America's next energy source - hydrogen power

Every day, American drivers eat up nearly 7 billion miles of pavement - roughly the distance to Pluto and back - getting where they want to be.
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Olympics explore high-tech frontiers

Science in the pursuit of speed is on full display in Salt Lake City, where Olympic competitors are taking advantage of an unprecedented wave of technical innovation to gain an edge. After decades of more or less steady improvement, experts say the world's top athletes may be approaching some inherent limits to human performance - and that means that technology is increasingly important in helping them shave milliseconds off their times.
Study on fish behavoir yields surprise

ANCHORAGE, Alaska - The advent of new imaging technology has enabled fishery scientists to confirm what they had only theorized before - that Pacific herring rise through the waters of Prince William Sound at night, away from prying human eyes and preying sea birds, to gulp down air at the surface. This newly documented behavior, cautious scientists say, could be the missing link between oil spilled by the Exxon Valdez in 1989 and the biological catastrophe that has befallen the silvery fish that once provided a third of some fishermen's yearly living.
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