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Kings' rookie goalie off to record 8-0 start to career the net," said defenseman Willie Mitchell, who skates with Jones in the off-season back home at the University of British Columbia. "He's been very good at making timely saves. There's just a calmness about him back there, which...
Recession, tech kill middle-class jobs

Midpay jobs aren't coming back from the Great Recession, partly because jobs in the middle are the most vulnerable to computer technology. That shortfall has helped prevent the total jobs lost from being regained.
Study: Blood pressure drug raises the risk of birth defects

...drugs to offer better advice to pregnant women," said Dr. J.M. Friedman, a medical geneticist at the University of British Columbia who had no role in the study. ACE inhibitors have been on the market for 25 years, but little research has...
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Fate helped Evangeline Lilly find her way to 'Lost'

...trial when the jet tore apart in midair. Nothing so tumultuous for Lilly. While enrolled at Vancouver's University of British Columbia just a few years ago, the Alberta, Canada native was a budding actress pulling in good money doing TV commercials...

...scullers and meets South Africa's Rika Geyser in the final. Princeton, facing a composite crew from the University of British Columbia and the University of Victoria in the semis of the Remenham Cup for women's eights, started well in a strong...
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Odds and Ends

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- After much howling in the Legislature, senators decided that dogs can continue riding free in the backs of pickup trucks.
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Ball State's Bullington goes to Pirates with No. 1 pick

...highest-drafted Canadian player when Baltimore took him with the fourth pick. Jeff Francis, a lefty from the University of British Columbia, was taken ninth by Colorado and joined Loewen to make some draft history. There had only been two Canadians...
Debate rages over plural personalities

For almost six years, 43-year-old Cameron West has made room in his life for more than his wife and his son. There is Soul, Sharky, Davy, Mozart, twins Anna and Trudi, and others -- 24 in all -- who have taken up corners in his mind.
Things to Do
Bury scheduling fad

When legislators decide not to deal with an issue that divides their constituencies, instead of killing it outright, they'll often assign it to a study committee where, after awhile, everybody forgets it. Is this what Columbia County's acting superintendent is up to with his recommendation to postpone imposing block scheduling on high schools for at least a year? We hope so.
Opinion columns
Bringing women into the computer science

...possible marks I can make," said Michele Titcombe, who is pursuing a doctorate in applied mathematics at the University of British Columbia. Many at the conference agreed that women in computer science enjoy more career opportunities than they used...
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