Will we really 'always have Paris'?

...the Paris attacks of their violating "universal values." Sorry Mr. President, but that's feel-good claptrap. There are no universal values ? as was proven by Paris, and every...belief systems and more are, indeed, universal ? and are more common in the Muslim world...

Aiken Regional Medical Centers | The Augusta Chronicle

...of its patient rooms are now private, except for Aurora Pavilion. Aiken Regional Medical Centers is owned and operated by Universal Health Services Inc. The medical campus is expanding. The fifth floor of the main hospital building is a cardiovascular...

Iman's new book focuses on looking naturally beautiful

...Approaching beauty with rules about makeup application and skin care is outdated, according to model Iman, but there are some "universals" that apply to women of any age, color and background.Women should always wake up with clean skin and should always wear...

Life & style
Remote controls proliferate despite strides for an all-in-on

...system. "It's not so universal - it's regional...That's because basic universal remote controls under...codes. Usually, cheap universals actually can operate...isn't supported by that universal remote, you're stuck...

Life & style
Thompkins lifts Laney at WACO

SANDERSVILLE, Ga. - The universal playmaking of former Washington County star A.J. Gray had been missing from the House of Pain until Laney's Vicen'te Thompkins...

Shopgirl: Bandana style was all over Paris runways

One of the most universal details in the various shows during Paris Fashion Week was bandana everything: bandana pattern, bandana-style necklaces, et...

Biondi out at Universal Studios

...YORK -- Frank Biondi Jr., the head of Universal Studios and Seagram Co.'s top Hollywood...entertainment business. Biondi's deputy, Universal president Ron Meyer, will become Seagram's...television. The shuffle moves the successful Universal Music Group out from under the Universal...

NBC closes merger with Universal to create new media powerhouse conglomerate

...completed its deal to merge with the Universal entertainment businesses Wednesday...The new company, to be known as NBC Universal, will be led mainly by NBC executives...of the other major conglomerates, NBC Universal will own several top-quality properties...

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Universal care fight comes to state

...United States ponders whether to embrace universal health care, South Carolina might be...formed the group South Carolinians for Universal Health Care to push proposals at the...response to critics who argue against universal care, especially those who object to...

Universal inks deal to buy DreamWorks Records

LOS ANGELES -- Universal Music Group said Tuesday it reached...subject to regulatory approval. Universal plans to fold DreamWorks Records into...challenges of the music business today, Universal is acquiring a wonderful asset and...