The crumbling rule of law

...you can't keep up with them all.One disgraceful deed that flew under the radar this week: Nearly half of the United States Senate voted to violate the law, by refusing to crack down on so-called "sanctuary cities" ? which are essentially...

Editorial: Bottom line

...of course. But rarely, if ever, has the august upper body been used in such a serpentine way for the political gain of one at-risk careerist politician.What a sad, demeaning diminishment of the once-staid United States Senate.

Perdue will have impact

...Georgia is wise enough to elect David Perdue to the United States Senate, he would instantly become the foremost authority...a difference. Let's elect David Perdue to the United States Senate.David HoganAugusta

Kingston, Perdue vow teamwork after GOP runoff

...loses retiring Sen. Sax by Cham bliss's seat this fall."We simply cannot give Harry Reid one more vote in the United States Senate," Perdue told supporters Sat ur day near Gainesville, taking aim at the Democratic majority leader. For that...

Syria strategy disastrous

...Then there's Secretary of State John Kerry, who just a few short days ago pontificated, "When I was in the United States Senate, I supported military action in any number of occasions, including Grenada ... ." Lie! He wasn't in the...

GOP US Senate candidates denounce immigration bill

...last minute. She immediately sought to distinguish herself from the other three congressmen."I am running for United States Senate because we need less Washington in Washington," she said.During his speech, Deal began to make his case for...

Georgia Democratic Party chairman to step down

...investment in the state of Georgia," Reed said. "No person has a right to be a distraction from trying to win a United States Senate seat and for preparing the state for a 2016 election."After Berlon's announcement, Reed's spokeswoman Sonji...

Democratic Senate rivals spar over past votes

...responded that he was supporting a Democrat. "I do not think it's appropriate for a Democratic candidate for the United States Senate to have bragged on the fact that they voted for the current Republican president of the United States," Mr...

Bill would enforce border, end amnesty, 'chain' migration

The United States Senate is debating the most critical domestic issue facing our nation: illegal immigration. Georgians...we will always honor and uphold. (Editor's note: The writers represent Georgia in the United States Senate.)

Proposed cable TV regulation could silence Christian ministries

The United States Senate is now considering legislation that seeks to place "a la carte" or per-channel charge regulations on subscription television...