Bottom line

...Oregon and the impending hurricane off the East Coast, it's sad that another powerful, historic speech to the United Nations by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was overshadowed in the news late last week.Ironically, what may have...

Common sense bombs out

...internship offer from Twitter, earn a VIP invitation to Google's science fair and get his family some face time with United Nations dignitaries in New York City.And he's provided enough grist to keep America's division mill going for weeks...

Burger King to McDonald's: Let's make a McWhopper

NEW YORK - This probably isn't what the United Nations had in mind when it established the International...Peace One Day, which says it promotes Peace Day. The United Nations created the International Day of Peace in 1981 to...

A doomsday deal

...warheads to Israel. Iran doesn't need ICBMs to deliver death to Israel ? it needs them to deliver death to us.The United Nations has weighed in on this deal, and even the Iranian parliament was called on to.But 42 Democrats have blocked our...

Rants & Raves

...food is great and so is the staff. Only wish they came here much earlier on. Keep up the good work THE SPACED OUT United Nations now has an education group called, for short, UNESCO's LIFE. And they say it will help the "international education...

Rules of life can brighten our day, bring us down

...the sales force; 80 percent of crimes are committed by 20 percent of the population, and so on. An example: The United Nations reported in 1992 that the richest 20 percent of the world's population controlled 82.7 percent of the world's...

Plans for construction of turbines for wind energy raises concerns in South Carolina

...and would be endangered by turbine blades. The Cape Romain National Wildlife Refuge on the coast is also part of a United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization Biosphere Reserve. It's one of about 650 sites worldwide where...

Obama seals Iran deal win as Senate Democrats find 34 votes

...a resolution that, on its own, wouldn't be able to reverse a multi-country agreement already blessed by the United Nations. A vote of disapproval, however, could signal Congress' readiness to introduce new sanctions at the risk of causing...

United Nations is vastly overrated

...Korea as a police force of the United Nations. For at least 50 years, we had...Korea seems never to talk to the United Nations, only to the United States. I have never thought much of the United Nations. They get some unknown to head...

President challenges, cajoles United Nations to support plan for Iraq transition

UNITED NATIONS -- President Bush challenged the United Nations on Tuesday to support his plan for steady transition...handover of power. In his speech Tuesday, he invited the United Nations to play an expanded role in Iraq's reconstruction...