Dump Graham -- here's why

...as enforcement of existing illegal alien laws.? In 2012, he supported subordinating American sovereignty to the United Nations by his support of the Law of the Sea Treaty.? In October 2012, he supported giving foreign aid to terrorist Middle...

Working without a 'Net

...of freedom and free speech.What would the Internet look like if it were controlled by China? Or Russia? Or the United Nations?The prospect is unnerving to say the least, but such a scenario is possible under an Obama administration plan...

'Chronicle' cartoonist's work wins first place UN award

...political cartoon criticizing the United Nations' handling of Syria, drawn by...third American to win the The United Nations/Ranan Lurie Political Cartoon...spirit and the principles of the United Nations."McKee said he was pleased...

United Nations is vastly overrated

...Korea as a police force of the United Nations. For at least 50 years, we had...Korea seems never to talk to the United Nations, only to the United States. I have never thought much of the United Nations. They get some unknown to head...

President challenges, cajoles United Nations to support plan for Iraq transition

UNITED NATIONS -- President Bush challenged the United Nations on Tuesday to support his plan for steady transition...handover of power. In his speech Tuesday, he invited the United Nations to play an expanded role in Iraq's reconstruction...

United Nations wants us disarmed

The recent high-level United Nations Review Conference on Small Arms ended without any formal demands that civilian firearms ownership be banned. But the United Nations remains determined to disarm everyone except its own agencies...

Child star Shirley Temple dies at 85

...1967. After Richard Nixon became president in 1969, he appointed her as a member of the U.S. delegation to the United Nations General Assembly. In the 1970s, she was U.S. ambassador to Ghana and later U.S. chief of protocol. She then...

What's the point?

...after all, have prevented an already weak-willed United Nations from long ago marginalizing Bashar al-Assad by...Obama, back in 2008.With a paralyzed and complicit United Nations looking on these past few desperate years ? what...

In CSRA, special week salutes contributions of nuclear science

...this opportunity to get a better understanding of nuclear energy. Albeit with carefully crafted language, the 2013 United Nations Climate Change Report makes clear that humans' reliance on carbon-based fuels is changing Earth's climate, and...

Boxing legend gave Mandela prize worthy of a champion

...before the South African leader's speech at the United Nations building."When I mentioned to Joe that they wanted...meeting and mentioned he was there with Frazier at the United Nations."When I mentioned the belt, he lit up like a Christmas...