IMF leader says women vital for global recovery

...potential by better using their female talent, said Lagarde.She praised Sadako Ogata, a mother of two and as a former United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees one of Japan's foremost diplomats, as an example of the talent of Japanese women...

How can Israel justify?

...skewed.CNN reported July 21 that more than 500 Palestinians have been killed in the conflict. Yet, according to the United Nations' estimates, 70 percent of these deaths have been civilians uninvolved in the fighting. It seems the only crime...

View of Islam is'naive'

...killed more human beings than any other religion, but I would not doubt that Christianity is a religion of peace. The United Nations says that Israel has and continues to kill many innocent civilians, but I also would not doubt that Judaism is a...

Injustice, imbalance reign

...and mercenaries with all its might. Not Europe, now distracted by the havoc cranked up in Ukraine. And not the United Nations, which has been emasculated by the United States over the years.The United States fuels the worldwide arms race...

United Nations is vastly overrated

...Korea as a police force of the United Nations. For at least 50 years, we had...Korea seems never to talk to the United Nations, only to the United States. I have never thought much of the United Nations. They get some unknown to head...

President challenges, cajoles United Nations to support plan for Iraq transition

UNITED NATIONS -- President Bush challenged the United Nations on Tuesday to support his plan for steady transition...handover of power. In his speech Tuesday, he invited the United Nations to play an expanded role in Iraq's reconstruction...

United Nations wants us disarmed

The recent high-level United Nations Review Conference on Small Arms ended without any formal demands that civilian firearms ownership be banned. But the United Nations remains determined to disarm everyone except its own agencies...

Hamas imperils innocents

...Israel.Rockets and launchers from Iran are under schools, mosques and hospitals. Twenty rockets were found in a United Nations Relief and Works Agency school for Palestinians. Twenty-three concrete tunnels and dozens of access shafts designed...

Neverland Ranch facing an uncertain future

...in 1993; and where then-wife Lisa Marie Presley and Jackson welcomed children from around the globe before the United Nations' 50th anniversary in 1995.Jackson later turned his back on Neverland after his 2005 acquittal on charges he molested...

Put Mideast in perspective

...political agendas, whereby many of the Palestinians are compelled to live in squalid internment camps run by the United Nations. This political agenda engenders and foments a diabolical hatred of the Israelis.Roger EdenGrovetown