Senior cyber adviser to address Augusta university

Maj. Gen. John Davis, senior military adviser for cyber to the undersecretary of defense for policy with the U.S. Department of Defense, will address "Ethics in a Cyber World" next week as part of The...

Ferret out government's rsum rats

I believe that Michael Brown, undersecretary of Homeland Security for emergency preparedness and response, has done the country a favor. Now that everyone is dying to know...

Muslims moderate?

The international firestorm set off earlier this month by a deputy undersecretary of defense's comments that Muslims don't worship a "real God" just won't go away. President George W. Bush had to distance...

Eizenstat to lead global warming delegation

VANCOUVER, British Columbia -- President Clinton has asked Stuart Eizenstat, undersecretary of state for business and economic affairs, to lead the U.S. delegation to negotiations in Japan for a global warming treaty...

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SRS cutbacks may get worse before they get better

...missions and maybe new jobs knocking on the door, Energy Undersecretary Tom Grumbly told hopeful community leaders Friday. "I...unfortunate, won't be a liability for the plant, the undersecretary assured. "Savannah River is going to be the site of choice...

SRS will continue nuclear work

...last interviews before his April 4 resignation, Energy Undersecretary Tom Grumbly also cautioned against the partisanship that...for not having been clear enough about downsizing." The undersecretary has been very easy to work with because of his understanding...

Former official should keep his 'honorable'

Dear Carson: We are in the midst of addressing wedding invitations. One of our guests served as an undersecretary to President Reagan. We understand that the outer envelope should read, "The Honorable and Mrs. Name." What about the inner...

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China's trade deficit threatens U.S. relations

...soaring trade deficit with the United States threatens to spoil steadily improving relations between the two countries. Undersecretary of Commerce David Aaron urged Chinese trade and industry ministers in two days of meetings to do more to open markets...

European privacy laws raise U.S. concerns.

...problems for both American and European economies, a senior Clinton administration official warned Friday. David Aaron, undersecretary of state for commerce, said the United States and the 15-nation European Union must find ways that protect privacy...

Hispanics want another to replace Pena

...pressuring the White House to replace Energy Secretary Federico Pena with another Hispanic. That could spell trouble for Undersecretary Betsy Moler, widely believed to be the front-runner for the top Energy Department job. The former head of the Federal...