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Rants and Raves

...I HAVE TO AGREE that racism will eventually raise its ugly head and can be seen. So when a member of the Congressional...good and white racism is bad, is that racism showing its ugly head? And if it is racism, should there not be a national...
Administration must act

...against Iran.This is a world fraught with danger. France and Europe have seen the evil of anti-Semitism raise its ugly head. ISIS has continued its primitive and barbaric beheadings. A pro-American government in Yemen has fallen to the Iranian-backed...
Columbia County stormwater chief makes plans for new revenue

...said. "Right now, we're constantly chasing the tail of the tiger. Every time it rains, a new sinkhole shows its ugly head after doing its dirty work for 20 years."Bennett's plan hinges on three years of rate increases that the Columbia...
NAACP ousts Charles Smith as Augusta chapter president

...This is a problem that is not a problem exclusively to Augusta," Johnson said. "This is a problem that has risen its ugly head across the spectrum, from the Roman Catholic church to universities to organizations even like the NAACP. No organization...
Defeat `slick-tongued' ex-governor

Once again the ugly work of dirty politics has raised its ugly head. Georgia's slack-jawed governor appointed a Democrat to fill a Republican seat in the U.S. Senate. He is a Democrat who...
Mentors help cancer patients

...a stem cell transplant using her own harvested stem cells.For 3½ years, she did very well."Then it raised its ugly head again," she said. "I had to have another transplant."Her brother was a match, and his stem cells were used for...
Rants & Raves

...third world nations with no medical care to speak of, are bringing diseases once wiped out here. TB is also rearing its ugly head. Another reason to enforce protecting our borders. I WISH THE local media would stop calling this area the metro. Augusta...
Sex in public life rears ugly head

Some of us are saying a presi-dent shouldn't have extramarital affairs. Some of us are saying a presi-dent shouldn't have affairs at least while he's in the White House. Some of us are saying affairs are OK, even in the White House, but not with a 21-year-old. Some of us are saying a presi-dent's sex life is his business but he shouldn't lie about it. True or not, allegations of a sexual liaison in the White House have opened up a major discussion about sex and public life.
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Will inflation rear its ugly head in '97?

NEW YORK - Wall Street began 1997 on shaky ground Thursday as stock and bond prices fell as more evidence of a surprisingly strong economy brought on fears of higher inflation and interest rates. The Dow Jones industrial average - which lost 101 points Tuesday in the final session of 1996 - dropped more than 95 points early Thursday. But a round of bargain hunting in the final half hour of trading recovered all but a few points of the Dow's drop.
Amnesty is rearing its ugly head again

We simply need to enforce the existing laws! Being in this country illegally is a criminal offense; arrest and deport.