Fair or not, Georgia football program has perception problem

...foolish crime. How they thought they could possibly get away with double-cashing student tuition checks from the UGA Athletic Association account is hard to believe. The 11 checks ? all in the amount of $71.50 ? were mobile deposited into bank...

Arrests mar Georgia's first day of spring practice

...allege 11 student tuition checks were drawn from UGA Athletic Association accounts and cashed twice, according to a police...finance and administration accounts payable and UGA Athletic Association accounts payable department noticed the same...

Regents might ban all campus tobacco use

...prohibited in public buildings by state law, and is banned in Sanford Stadium and other UGA athletic facilities under UGA Athletic Association policy.Tobacco use is the leading cause of avoidable death in the United States, causing more deaths annually...

50 years of Vince at UGA

ATHENS, Ga. -- Fifty years ago today Vince Dooley became UGA's football coach, making all of $15,500 a year.

South Carolina's Jadeveon Clowney to play in opener

...The team's fan picture day is Saturday.Outside items can not be brought in for autographs. Instead the UGA Athletic Association will provide fans two free schedule posters to be signed.This isn't a reaction to reports of Johnny Manziel...

No buyout in Richt's new contract

...it's all good on both sides of the ledger here."Both deals were approved by the executive committee of the UGA Athletic Association board.McGarity will get a $40,000 raise to $500,000 that increases to $550,000 in July 2013."I...

Georgia board approves raise, contract extension for Mark Richt

...and increase in total compensation for head football coach Mark Richt were approved Tuesday by the University of Georgia Athletic Association Board of Directors.The contract, which will soon be finalized, will include an increase in total...

UGA Athletic Association funds professorship

ATHENS, Ga. - For the first time ever, the University of Georgia Athletic Association is paying for a distinguished professorship at the university.Rick Tarleton has been named UGA's distinguished professor in...

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UGA may move turfgrass operation

ATHENS, Ga. -- The University of Georgia Athletic Association may move its turfgrass management operation from Sanford Stadium to another part of campus to avoid spilling chemicals into Tanyard...

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As UGA athletics rake in money, students still pay

ATHENS, Ga. -- The University of Georgia Athletic Association continues to be one of the most profitable college sports programs in the country, but it still gets a $3 million a year subsidy in the form of athletic fees students must pay.