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Put Congress on Obamacare

There are rumors circulating that our U.S. representatives and senators are discussing possible exemption for themselves and their staffers from the health exchanges that will be offered...
Benghazi talking points not shared with Clinton, Nuland says

...of Douglas E. Lute to become the U.S. permanent representative to NATO, and Daniel B. Baer to become the U.S. representative to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe.
Amid Mideast revolt, a chance for Israeli-Palestinian peace

...negotiation with the Israelis," he said.Furthermore, Mr. Nerguizian said, the choice of Mr. Indyk as the key U.S. representative could be "an interesting indicator" of the Obama administration's true posture toward the talks and the likelihood...
Amid Obamacare train wreck, there is at least one solution

...their own health care decisions. That solution is my Patient OPTION Act. (The writer, a Republican, is the U.S. representative for Georgia's 10th House District, and a physician.)
Breast Milk Baby: creepy or groundbreaking?

...kind of stuff. We don't need this."What, exactly, people don't need is unclear to Dennis Lewis, the U.S. representative for Berjuan Toys, a family-owned, 40-year-old doll maker in Spain that can't get the dolls onto mainstream...
Broun takes aim at 'fiscal irresponsibility'

Paul Broun has dual roles these days: 10th District U.S. representative and Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate.While Congress is on Easter recess, Broun drove from his Oconee County home Tuesday...
Augusta circuit district attorney, chief judge have opposition this year

...the District 12 Congressional post held by Democrat John Barrow.Allen is the fourth Republican to qualify for U.S. representative, joining Rep. Lee Anderson, of Grovetown, Augusta attorney Wright McLeod and Dublin attorney Maria Sheffield...
Broun lacks moral fiber for Congress

I am disappointed but not surprised that The Augusta Chronicle has endorsed Paul Broun for another term as U.S. representative for Georgia's 10th Congressional District.Regardless of one's political affiliation or interpretation of...
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Keep an eye on Broun this session

...he has not performed, the GOP must find a replacement candidate. Personally, I would prefer seeing our next U.S. representative elected from Augusta.R.J. WardAugusta
S. Carolina credit ratings threat cause unclear

...risks attached to accepting federal dollars."The state policy makers who should bear responsibility are the U.S. representatives and senators," Mitchell said. "And not the state governors and legislators, because they're not the managers...