Allen accepting applications for U.S. military service academies

...Columbia and Burke counties, who would like to attend a U.S. military service academy.As a member of Congress, Allen can...who meet the eligibility requirements to attend the U.S. Military, Naval, Air Force or Merchant Marine academies...

Briton fined for hacking into U.S. military computer

...a teen-ager and did not cause any problems in the U.S. military computer or disclose any sensitive information...Pryce was 16 in 1994 when he gained access to the U.S. military computer using a personal computer in his bedroom...

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3 teams said to be behind Paris attacks

...reversals this week, with Kurdish forces launching an offensive to retake the strategic Iraqi city of Sinjar and the U.S. military saying it had likely killed Mohammed Emwazi, the British-accented militant known as "Jihadi John" who is seen...

U.S. military planes banned from Swiss airspace except for Iraq surveillance, aid missions

BERN, Switzerland -- Switzerland banned U.S. military planes Friday from using its airspace unless they are...said last week that the country would not approve U.S. military flights through Austrian airspace or the movement of...

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U.S. military leaders caution that tougher days are ahead

WASHINGTON -- U.S. military leaders said Sunday they expect fighting in Iraq to intensify as coalition forces advance toward Baghdad, facing increased resistance...

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New bill undermines U.S. military

Democrats have a long, well-documented history of voting against legislation supporting the U.S. military in war and peace. For the past several years, they have advocated defeat and withdrawal in Iraq, and have repeatedly attempted...

New York City faces heightened security after U.S. military strike in Afghanistan

...do anything to affect that." Less than two miles from the trade center ruins, a coalition of groups opposed to U.S. military action in Afghanistan prayed and rallied before marching to Times Square. "No war in our name!" chanted people...

A tale of two sergeants

Something has gone horribly wrong with U.S. military justice.What else can be said about an Army that will banish one soldier for trying to save a child from rape but give a pass...

Republican candidates must focus on Obama's foreign-policy shortcomings

...under Obama. The Republicans, rightfully so, have lambasted the president's resume concerning the lessening of U.S. military might worldwide; the weakening of its military ? including an unfortunate decision to downsize; a questionable...

Republican presidential candidate Carly Fiorina touts conservative values during Aiken stop

...to take our government back."On foreign policy, Fiorina said she would go about the task of strengthening the U.S. military and alliances abroad, while challenging foes. On her first day as president, Fiorina said, she would make two phone...