...of the strictest Ebola regulations in the world.North Korean media have suggested that Ebola was created by the U.S. military as a biological weapon.Nick Bonner, a co-founder of Beijing-based Koryo Tours, said he did not think the decision...

West Coast ports begin clearing heavy backlog after labor deal reached

...exports, particularly from farms, also are waiting to reach Asian markets.Seroka wants to prioritize ships serving U.S. military bases on the Pacific Rim or carrying perishables, autos or goods for major retailers."The sense of urgency in the...

Fort Gordon soldiers to leave West Africa as Ebola mission ends

...in Liberia and Senegal to provide communications assistance and were expected to keep distant from Ebola patients.U.S. military deployments to West Africa began in September to support international relief workers, according to the Defense Department...

Briton fined for hacking into U.S. military computer

...a teen-ager and did not cause any problems in the U.S. military computer or disclose any sensitive information...Pryce was 16 in 1994 when he gained access to the U.S. military computer using a personal computer in his bedroom...

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War memorial divides Greenwood

...have reservations about replacing the plaques, saying they should serve as a reminder of the once-segregated U.S. military. "Segregation was the accepted social order of that time," said Eric Williams, who spent 32 years as a historian...

Why bother with leadership development? Investing in it pays dividends

...that are holding them back. Learning from leadership professionals helps overcome lack of personal experience.The U.S. military understands leader development in spades. It spends millions of dollars in developing leaders at all levels. As...

Tech industry pushes for cybersecurity, tax breaks

...the committee, possibly introduced by an Augusta-area legislator since nearby Fort Gordon will be the home of the U.S. military's cyber command. Georgia is also the home of IBM Security Systems, started by a former Georgia Tech student...

Sniping about 'Sniper'

...emotionally troubled veteran he was trying to help, Kyle often referred to the combatants he killed as "savages." The U.S. military's most lethal sniper maintained that every one of his confirmed kills saved a fellow soldier from injury or death...

U.S. military planes banned from Swiss airspace except for Iraq surveillance, aid missions

BERN, Switzerland -- Switzerland banned U.S. military planes Friday from using its airspace unless they are...said last week that the country would not approve U.S. military flights through Austrian airspace or the movement of...

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U.S. military leaders caution that tougher days are ahead

WASHINGTON -- U.S. military leaders said Sunday they expect fighting in Iraq to intensify as coalition forces advance toward Baghdad, facing increased resistance...

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