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Enough is enough

Decades ago, the media threw all its energy into bringing down the Nixon administration for merely considering things the Obama administration is actually doing.
The case for Kingston

Our state needs a senator to wage battle in a Democrat-entrenched Senate. And if you're going into battle, you want to send your most experienced personnel.
Candidate John Stone offers hope

Imagine what it would be like having our country led again by citizen leaders who know how to work within our Constitution, rules and laws!
Butler Derrick, former SC congressman, dies

Butler Derrick, a longtime Democratic congressman known for both kindness and effectiveness in representing his western South Carolina 3rd District, died Monday of cancer. He was 77.
Jimmy Carter recalls rival Bo Callaway

COLUMBUS, Ga. -- Theirs was a relationship built on a red-hot bitter rivalry early in their lives and political careers.
As elections near, voters should take ownership of special opportunity

As citizens of a democracy, each of us should welcome the election process and pledge never to fail to vote.
We simply need Yucca

If our nation expects to be a responsible steward of nuclear power in a quest to become energy-independent, we need Yucca now.
Catholic Mass dodges shutdown at Fort Gordon

...duration of the shutdown, making it impossible for service members at some places to attend Mass.That led the U.S. House of Representatives to pass a resolution last week calling on Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel to allow religious services on bases...
Obamacare lies persist

Sometimes I want to ask the extremist Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives: What planet are you living on?While our country struggles to recover from its worst economic crisis since the Great Depression...
Guest Column: Obamacare is forcing many home health agencies to slash services

...done in the face of strong objection by a bipartisan coalition of 51 U.S. senators and 142 members of the U.S. House of Representatives who all signed letters objecting to the cuts. Others in Congress joined in the fight after the official...