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New wrinkle in Ga. marijuana law

ATLANTA -- This year's version of legislation to permit the use of marijuana-based medicine no longer has a provision to allow production of the crop in Georgia.
FDA official warns of dangers of caffeine powder

ATLANTA - A U.S. Food and Drug Administration official is warning of the dangers of powdered pure caffeine after the deaths of a Georgia man and an Ohio teenager.Michael Landa...
Hard to swallow

Warning labels on food appear to pack the same punch as warning labels on cigarettes and alcoholic beverages.
NutraSweet to stop making aspartame, downsize Augusta plant

The Augusta-based NutraSweet plant will soon stop production of the artificial sweetener aspartame resulting in a massive layoff at the facility by the end of 2014.
More than 14 million beat cancer odds with more new treatments available

There are now more than 14 million cancer survivors in the U.S. and new treatments mean many more could be joining them.
AmbioPharm Inc. to expand North Augusta workforce, operations

A biopharmaceutical manufacturer rooted in North Augusta is expanding its workforce and operations to keep pace with an increased market demand.
Hundreds of Georgia doctors uninsured

ATLANTA -- More than 2,500 doctors in Georgia do not have malpractice insurance, and their ranks include dozens who have been disciplined by the state medical board.
Archer Daniels Midland to buy natural-flavoring maker Wild Flavors for $3 billion

...said Mark Matlock, the senior vice president of food research at Archer Daniels Midland.According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the term "natural flavor" can be used for oils and other extracts from spices, fruits, vegetables...
Ag commissioner to fight fed regulations

ATLANTA -- Agriculture Commissioner Gary Black pledged to a farm group Wednesday to fight implementation of proposed federal food-safety regulations that he said would cripple Georgia's produce industry.
Medical marijuana gains traction in the Deep South

ATLANTA - Medical marijuana has been a non-starter in recent years in the Deep South, where many Republican lawmakers feared it could lead to widespread drug use and social ills. That now appears to be changing.