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Ga. wildlife document shows successes, setbacks

ATLANTA ? Even people who rarely set foot outdoors will be impacted multiple ways by a draft plan for managing the state's natural plants and animals.
Okefenokee is an ever-changing ecological wonder

"It's a living landscape that's always changing," said Campbell, whose mane of graying hair is the color of Spanish moss. "Here in the swamp, you can canoe for miles, or kayak and camp."
Nearly 150 gopher tortoises released in Georgia to help restore threatened reptile population

The slow, steady stroll to freedom began Friday for 148 young gopher tortoises embarking on a mission to restore the reptile's depleted population in Georgia.
Georgia trout streams to stay open year round

From now on, Georgia fishermen can try their luck in all mountain trout streams the year-around. No more seasonal streams, no more closing dates.
Georgia solar industry growth threatening state's gopher tortoise population

Georgia's official state reptile - the gopher tortoise - could be further threatened by the state's sudden surge of solar farms cropping up on rural lands where the tortoises burrow in sandy soil.
Alligator snapper turtles slow to recover from heavy decline

North America's largest freshwater turtle - the alligator snapper - has gained little ground in Georgia, despite being protected from commercial harvest for more than two decades, according to a new study.
3 men sentenced for killing protected hawks, owls in Jasper County

COLUMBIA - A South Carolina hunting preserve is paying $250,000 in restitution after three of its employees pleaded guilty to illegally trapping and killing hawks and owls to improve quail hunting.
Wood storks head to Augusta no longer endangered

Once feared by scientists to be extinct by the year 2000, wood storks are flocking in record numbers to the swamps, wetlands and coastal marshes in Georgia and South Carolina.
Across the region

TAYLORSVILLE, GA. - A Georgia state trooper has been treated and released from a hospital after an ambulance carrying him from a crash overturned Sat­urday in northwest Georgia.
Local birdwatchers aid in effort to save Rusty Blackbird

Once one of the most common land birds in North America, the Rusty Blackbird's drastic 95 percent decline over the past 40 years has puzzled biologists and prompted a nationwide call for help.