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Pavey: Ducks stamps still well worth cost

Duck stamps are revenue stamps, not postage stamps. You can't use them to mail anything, but the money you pay enables the U. S. Fish & Wildlife Service to buy or lease waterfowl habitat that is often included in our National Wildlife Refuge system.
Georgia man faces prison again for stealing sea turtle eggs

SAVANNAH, Ga. - Less than two years after he was released from prison, Lewis Jackson found authorities waiting for him as he boarded a ferry boat on remote Sapelo Island carrying a cooler full of turtle eggs.
Scientists study how rising seas will reshape Georgia coast

SAVANNAH, Ga. - Scientists are fine-tuning what they know about rivers and marshes flushed with saltwater by ocean tides so they can better predict how rising sea levels will reshape the Georgia coast over the next century.
Minnesota dentist who killed Cecil the lion returns to work

A Minnesota dentist who killed Cecil the lion returned to work Tuesday after weeks away, walking silently into his small dental practice, past swarming media and a handful of protesters calling for him to be sent to Zimbabwe to face trial.
Ga. wildlife document shows successes, setbacks

ATLANTA ? Even people who rarely set foot outdoors will be impacted multiple ways by a draft plan for managing the state's natural plants and animals.
Okefenokee is an ever-changing ecological wonder

"It's a living landscape that's always changing," said Campbell, whose mane of graying hair is the color of Spanish moss. "Here in the swamp, you can canoe for miles, or kayak and camp."
Georgia trout streams to stay open year round

From now on, Georgia fishermen can try their luck in all mountain trout streams the year-around. No more seasonal streams, no more closing dates.
Alligator snapper turtles slow to recover from heavy decline

North America's largest freshwater turtle - the alligator snapper - has gained little ground in Georgia, despite being protected from commercial harvest for more than two decades, according to a new study.
Pavey: Catching the forbidden fish in Gray's Reef

COLONELS ISLAND, Ga. - Of all the fish for an angler to catch at Gray's Reef, it was a red snapper.
Several species of reptiles, amphibians beings considered for federal protection

NEW ORLEANS - Federal protection might be needed for three amphibian species and seven reptiles, including the hard-biting, spiky-shelled alligator snapping turtle, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service says.