Augusta man has 'peace of mind' in pursuit of career with GI BIll after military service

The Department of Veterans Affairs celebrated 70 years of investment in the education of America's service members such as Stephen Safford, of Fort Gordon and Georgia Regents University.

Acclaimed Augusta Warrior Project poised to go nationwide

A symposium this week in Augusta could dramatically improve how America cares for an important part of its citizenry - our veterans.

Rep. John Barrow calls for investigation at Charlie Norwood VA radiology department

Rep. John Barrow has called on the acting inspector general of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to investigate potential wrongdoings in Charlie Norwood VA Medical Center's radiology department.Barrow's request followed...

A victory for our veterans

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs is caught in a firestorm of scandal. Administrative delays in medical procedures at Veterans Administration hospitals have been...

Policy hits a sour note

This year's VA decision marked a disproportionate response to something that never appeared to have been a problem.

New court aims to help veterans

MACON, Ga. - A young veteran had just returned from Afghanistan. Injured in a car wreck, he became addicted to pain pills. After being charged with theft, he found his way to Judge Tripp Self's courtroom.

Businessman Julian Osbon dies

Julian Osbon, an Augusta businessman and men's health pioneer, has died at age 74.

3 veterans left in Augusta who survived Pearl Harbor

The Pearl Harbor Survivors Association estimates just 3,000 survivors are still alive. Augusta Historical Society records show that only three Pearl Harbor veterans remain in the area.

CNN cites fatal delays at SC, Augusta VA hospitals

...dying needlessly because of long waits and delayed care at U.S. veterans hospitals, CNN reports.The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs is aware of the problems and has done almost nothing to effectively prevent veterans dying from delays...

Augusta VA wait time ahead of national average

...two-week goal and five days ahead of the 17-day national average among all VA medical centers in the U.S., Department of Veterans Affairs data shows."We have worked hard to keep our numbers low," said Dr. Lorraine Braswell, the director...