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Georgia House bill promises antidote to Obamacare affliction

Democrats took great risks in passing Obamacare. We Republicans can be no less bold in fighting back.
Governor Deal signs bill moving elections to May

A Georgia House bill with the effect of moving Augusta mayor and commission elections to May 20 is the first signed by Gov. Nathan Deal this year.
Rants & Raves

...isn't acting, I'll act on my own," he is confessing he's breaking the U.S. Consti tution. THE U.S. DEPARTMENT of Justice has 117,000 employees, and yet, justice seems to be disappearing. We're paying to hurt ourselves. THE...
Health care fraud a growing criminal enterprise

According to the U.S. Department of Justice, Georgia ranks 12th in investigations, seventh in the number of fraud cases, and sixth in total recovered - almost $98.95 million in 2012.
Military mover faces fraud charge

A company that handles moves for some military members in South Carolina and Georgia is being accused of inflating costs and overbilling the federal government.
May 20 Augusta elections set

A bill with the effect of moving Augusta's mayoral and commission elections to May 20 was approved Friday by the Georgia House of Representatives.
Keep quality disabled care

I share completely the concerns about Georgia's misguided effort to evict fragile, disabled citizens from their homes.
Some handicapped parking spaces fixed, others remain inadequate

Two of the five retailers and shopping centers in Richmond and Columbia counties found to have handicapped parking spaces that failed to satisfy the Americans with Disabilities Act have fixed the defective spots.
Closure of Georgia hospitals endangers quality mental health care

In Georgia's traditional state hospital system plus strong community services, individuals with mental health disorders would have a safety net.
Board gives no hints on voting date

Richmond County's five-member Board of Elections isn't quite ready to acknowledge when it intends to conduct the elections, or even the season in which they'll be held.