Official: No McDuffie County equipment seized during EMS raid

Federal investigators remain tight-lipped about the U.S. Department of Homeland Security's unannounced search last week of McDuffie County's Emergency Medical Service, but a local official said Tuesday that agents...

'Why is child sexual abuse awareness stuck in the 1950s?'

You can help bring awareness to child sexual abuse and help to prevent it - and we all can help to protect children from it.

Police getting too militarized

Rest assured, there will be more incidents such as Ferguson, Mo.

Europe's move to rein in Google faces opposition in US

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. - Europe's moves to rein in Google may be seen in Brussels as striking a blow for the little guy. But not in the U nited States.

Leniency toward foreign drivers hailed as economic boost

ATLANTA -- A new driver's license law taking effect is being hailed by state officials as a way to help Georgia attract jobs.

SRS helium overhaul complete

Savannah River Site has replaced and upgraded a 40-year-old system for separating and capturing helium-3, a byproduct of the site's role in the manufacture of tritium for nuclear bombs.

Some illegal immigrants can get Georgia driver's licenses

...or other benefits to illegal immigrants who obtain work authorizations under the deferred status.The U.S. Department of Homeland Security said this month that each state could determine whether to issue drivers' licenses or extend benefits...

Across the area

The death of an Augusta woman in an early morning fire Thursday on the 3000 block of Sterling Drive might have been avoided if her home had been equipped with a smoke detector, authorities said.

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Fingerprint-sharing to spread across Atlanta area

ATLANTA - A federal fingerprint-sharing program aimed at deporting criminal illegal immigrants is expected to cover all of metro Atlanta by the end of September.

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Ga. language school linked to prostitution

DULUTH, Ga. - Metro Atlanta English language school administrators have been indicted on charges of issuing fraudulent immigration documents to women who worked as prostitutes, authorities said.