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Legal showdown looms over NCAA's ban on paying student-athletes

ATLANTA - Fresh off a ruling that Northwestern University football players can't form a union, the NCAA is about to face a more direct challenge to its longstanding policy of not letting schools pay athletes like they're professionals.
Rebuild the middle class

The family unit is the basis for a well-functioning state.
Faculty accomplishments, new leadership improve climate at Paine

There are so many more stories untold at Paine.
Get schooled on proper behavior

Parents and children have enough serious preoccupations without having to worry about their teachers' behavior as well.
High school grads missing out on billions in Pell Grant funds

High school graduates across the country missed out on an estimated $2.9 billion worth of Pell Grant funds last year simply by not filling out a free application.
Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston's code of conduct hearing starts

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. - Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston and the woman who has said he sexually assaulted her recounted what happened nearly two years ago.
Paine College faculty members ask for board chairman's resignation

Paine College faculty members asked for the resignation of Silas Norman on Thursday after the Board of Trustees chairman orchestrated the removal of acting President Samuel Sullivan earlier this week.
Nunn campaigns college crowd

ATHENS, Ga. -- Armed with the news she's three points ahead of opponent David Perdue, Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Michelle Nunn stopped in Athens Wednesday to rally University of Georgia students.
Black colleges struggling, but still relevant, say supporters

Although Paine has struggled with its own failures over the past several years, HBCUs across the nation are dealing with some of the same troubles that are threatening their missions and existence.
Standardized tests losing impact in Georgia

As the state prepares to adopt the new suite of achievement tests, the state Board of Education voted last month to waive the testing requirements for students this school year.