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Bill to put more livestock veterinarians in shortage areas

...Congressional leaders say a withholding tax that claims 39 cents of every dollar appropriated to the program keeps the U.S. Agriculture Department from funding more applicants, which leaves farmers searching for doctors to keep livestock healthy and operations...
Water, air quality concerns heighten conflict between pig farm and environmental advocates 100 million people, and Duplin County is the nation's top county for hog production, according to the U.S. Agriculture Department.Treated, liquefied manure and urine is pumped to large sprinkler systems and flung on fields for fertilizer...
Corn estimates drop amid deepening drought

ST. LOUIS - The U.S. Agriculture Department on Friday cut its estimate of the nation's corn crop for the second consecutive month.
Farmer fights discrimination

...his dad left about $93,000 in debt on the then-1,800 acre farm. So, he tried to get a loan from the U.S. Agriculture Department to cover the debt. He got one and was denied a couple others, but he probably didn't expect the near-20-year...
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Definitions differ for 'locally grown' trend

...other states have made it easier for local farmers to advertise that their food was produced in-state.The U.S. Agriculture Department has found that there is no generally accepted definition of local food. With few regulations, retailers have...
Lean budgets halt plan to expand Georgia WMAs

...Georgia received the first installment of its federal Public Access-Habitat Incentive Program grant from the U.S. Agriculture Department, totaling about $325,000.Those funds, Coley said, will be reprogrammed to help make up the shortfall...
Deere earns $1 billion in quarter

The world's largest farm equipment maker said fiscal second-quarter net income rose to $1 billion.
US judge Anthony Alaimo dies at 89

...judge, Alaimo continued to preside over civil and criminal trials until his death. Last year, he ordered the U.S. Agriculture Department to compensate a Georgia farmer whose cows died after being poisoned by fertilizer made from processed sewer...
Harvest time plays critical role in peanut taste

...maturity with peanuts that were harvested 10 days early and 10 days late. They peanuts were submitted to a U.S. Agriculture Department Laboratory in North Carolina and to a private laboratory in Albany for evaluation by taste panels. Years of...
Fuel prices hitting farmers hard this season

...the season, when farmers begin running diesel pumps to irrigate their fields. CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- The U.S. Agriculture Department has placed much of the Southeast in the "Abnormally Dry" category, the first of the five drought alert levels...