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Charlie Sheen says he is HIV-positive, has been blackmailed letter" posted online. "My philanthropic days are ahead of me."This manifesto was released as the former Two and a Half Men star appeared on NBC's Today to say he tested positive for the virus that causes AIDS about four years ago, but...
CBS's new All Access streaming not worth cutting cord, yet

NEW YORK - I dropped my cable TV service more than a year ago and have been relying on Netflix, Hulu and other services to fill my television needs. But I get my shows at least a day late.
CBS gives fans favorite: five of six new dramas about fighting crime

Tea Leoni will portray the U.S. secretary of state in a new CBS drama this fall, Two and Half Men will enter its final season and television's top-rated network will introduce a new generation of crime procedurals.
I'm fed up with TV

Put pressure on the networks and advertisers to provide better quality programming, have fewer commercials and clean up the language.
FX orders 90 more episodes of Sheen sitcom

...FX is ordering 90 more episodes of Anger Management, Charlie Sheen's TV comeback vehicle after being fired from Two and a Half Men.The unusually large order reflects the original agreement that FX made for the sitcom that stars Sheen as a therapist...
Comedy mogul Chuch Lorre compiles his musings in a book

NEW YORK - Chuck Lorre ? whose hits include Two and a Half Men, The Big Bang Theory and ? isn't just a towering comedy mogul.He's also one of the most widely distributed writers in the...
Rants & Raves

TOMMY PRICE. Charles Nagle. Sandra Carraway. Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.
Sheen tours devastated community in Alabama

TUSCALOOSA, Ala. --- Actor Charlie Sheen toured an Alabama neighborhood leveled by tornadoes and said Monday he wants to organize a relief event for victims in the state.
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Situation is not so funny for sitcoms

LOS ANGELES --- The Bill Engvall Show is something of an anomaly: a multicamera family sitcom played before an audience in which the lead guy is actually married with children.
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DVD releases

Here's a roundup of new movies out this week in video and DVD, and a calendar of what's coming: