Jimmy Carter 'at ease,' ready for radiation treatment

...co-director of the melanoma program at NYU's Laura & Isaac Perlmutter Cancer Center.Carter said the radiation will focus on the tumors in his brain, and he has already begun receiving a drug ? approved by the FDA in February ? to boost his immune system...

Thick mixture injected into cancers helps kill tumors

...Scientists have wiped out hard-to-treat tumors by using a cancer drug trapped in a mixture...the strategy has worked mostly with tumors in the mouth and throat, but it might...in the liver and recurrences of breast tumors, said researcher Dr. Harinder Garewal...

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Tumors may build pipelines to spread

Breast cancer tumors appear to build their own networks of...first time of lymphatic vessels inside tumors grown in mice could be a first step toward...deadly spread of cancer cells from primary tumors. "We have identified a mechanism of...

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Growth of tumors is linked to 'hijacking'

...Crenshaw - twice. Mrs. Crenshaw's tumors were tiny and therefore less likely to...destruction. In studying breast cancer tumors, researchers at the Medical College of Georgia found that the tumors are using the same growth factors, or...

Stem cells ferry concentrated anticancer drug to tumors

...deliver cancer treatment directly into tumors, bypassing healthy tissue. The study...targeted delivery of anticancer therapy to tumors builds on what researchers already know...swell in number. Even though they're tumors, the malignant cells act just like...

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MCG team opens doors to fight tumors, AIDS

...implications for aiding organ transplants, targeting tumors and even thwarting the virus that causes AIDS...University of South Florida to begin targeting certain tumors. Like the fetus, tumors seem to present a paradox that the immune system...

Cell phone tumors?

...that using cell phones might cause brain tumors, it seemed like something out of a sci-fi...Stockholm, Sweden. The study found that the tumors tended to grow on the side of the head...indeed, increase the risk of brain tumors, then the public has a right to know...

Studies explore tumors' nature

Cancerous tumors exploit a natural process to hide from...need to operate. They also found that tumors exploit the same chemical to create tolerance...overreacting to foreign but harmless substances. Tumors can exploit this process to shield themselves...

Compounds combine to kill cancer tumors

...two compounds that can kill cancerous tumors in mice sent Wall Street into a frenzy...potent anti-angiogenesis agents. "Tumors need a blood supply in order to grow...drugs last much longer in mice, and the tumors grow more slowly in humans, Dr. Burgess...

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New blood test may detect tumors

...new blood test could help doctors find tumors sooner and improve monitoring of treatment...breast and prostate cancer. Tests on other tumors are planned. Dr. Carleton Stewart of...patients. Doctors have long known that tumors shed cells into the bloodstream, but...

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