French company and GHSU work together over potential treatment for brain tumors

...new treatment for deadly brain tumors.Officials from SISENE toured...glioblastoma multiforme, a deadly tumor that strikes 18,500 people...it appears to inhibit the tumor's ability to form new blood...do get the starvation of the tumor and an anti-tumor effect indirectly...

Eli Clark lived life despite deadly tumor

...fight against a deadly brain tumor inspired strangers to help throw...after years of battling brain tumors. Funeral services will be at...and was diagnosed with a brain tumor that initially responded to...feeling worse and scans showed the tumor was growing again. A biopsy...

GRU cancer vaccine attacks tumors

...the immune system to attack a tumor while also thwarting tumor defenses that could blunt the...the immune system to attack the tumors has been tried for the past couple...could be trained to recognize the tumor, the tumor had its own tricks...

Thick mixture injected into cancers helps kill tumors

...out hard-to-treat tumors by using a cancer drug...right on working in the tumor instead of leaking away...has worked mostly with tumors in the mouth and throat...cancers being targeted are tumors that arise in the liver...to kill the edges of a tumor before surgical removal...

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Tumors may build pipelines to spread

...growing on the edges of tumors, no one had observed them inside a tumor. Some scientists...greater pressure inside tumors would crush the delicate...around the edges of tumors. But the mice carrying...vessels deep inside the tumor. The vessels were...

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Growth of tumors is linked to 'hijacking'

...are) hijacked by the tumor cells to do the same for the tumor tissue." "Our current hypothesis is that tumors are wounds that never...to feed the growing tumor, Dr. Perry theorized...way to thwart these tumors by taking out some stem...

Stem cells ferry concentrated anticancer drug to tumors

...in number. Even though they're tumors, the malignant cells act just like...wounds," Andreeff said. Half the tumor is made up of stomal cells that provide...cancer-busting ability directly to tumors. Andreeff's research team did not...

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MCG team opens doors to fight tumors, AIDS

...organ transplants, targeting tumors and even thwarting the virus that...transplantation, perhaps even in anti-tumor therapies," Dr. Mellor said...Florida to begin targeting certain tumors. Like the fetus, tumors seem to present a paradox that...

Cell phone tumors?

...cell phones might cause brain tumors, it seemed like something out...risk of developing a rare brain tumor, known as acoustic neuromas...Sweden. The study found that the tumors tended to grow on the side of...increase the risk of brain tumors, then the public has a right...

Studies explore tumors' nature

Cancerous tumors exploit a natural process...operate. They also found that tumors exploit the same chemical...Dr. Munn said. "The tumor is just hijacking a system...but harmless substances. Tumors can exploit this process to...