Alabama murder mystery: What happened to Harper Lee's third book?

...the occult and courtroom drama. Her visits were reminiscent of her trips to Kansas in the 1960s, when she helped her friend Truman Capote research his acclaimed murder story, In Cold Blood.Lee worked on the Ala bama book for months, maybe years, but...

Let's be blunt

...un-American is trying to cow others into submission and political correctness.Blunt talk used to be an American trait. Harry Truman used to say, "If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen." Americans seem to have been out of the kitchen so...

The president's petulance

...pointed ? reveals, yet again, Mr. Obama's imperious impatience with being questioned at all.As President Harry S. Truman once said, "If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen."Mr. President: Put your actions where your indignation...

Find traces of 'Mockingbird' in Lee's town

...grassy lot with the remains of a house foundation and a historic marker that recalls the site as the one-time home of author Truman Capote, Lee's childhood friend and the inspiration for the character "Dill" in Mockingbird. As adults, the two collaborated...

Truman's love letters to wife Bess reveals his softer side

...INDEPENDENCE, Mo. -- As president, Harry S. Truman earned the moniker "Give 'Em Hell Harry...wife his heart. In love letters to Bess Truman, the nation's 33rd president reveals...in "The Love Story of Harry and Bess Truman," at the Truman Presidential Museum...

Life & style
'Truman Show' has depth beyond movie's story line

The Truman Show is founded on an enormous secret...looks like a nice place to live. Certainly Truman Burbank (Jim Carrey) doesn't know anything...reflected on how really odd a tree looks? Truman works as a sales executive at an insurance...

Things to Do
Truman was prophetic about GOP

...announcement came that President Harry Truman had been re-elected. Fifty-two years...Day, I watched a replay of President Truman's acceptance speech at the Democratic...speech. I am amazed how prophetic Mr. Truman was. He said that the Democratic Party...

Truman stupidest president ever

...Cook's Aug. 13 letter praising Harry Truman, who was the stupidest president this country ever had. Truman was vice president when President Franklin...applied pressure in Washington so President Truman sent Secretary of State George Marshall...

Harry Truman not a stupid president

Regarding recent letter calling Harry Truman the "stupidest president ever": I think...dust of history finally settles on Mr. Truman's presidency, one will find he was...We never hear about that. President Truman may be accused of many things but stupidity...

Mr. Truman Price, Sr. (AUGUSTA, Ga.)

AUGUSTA, Ga.- Truman Price, Sr. entered into rest Monday, August 16, 2004, at Doctors Hospital, Truman Price, of Belair Rd., Augusta. Funeral...wife, Jeanette Price; three sons, Truman A. Price, Jr., Tyrone Price, Robert...